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StateWays | | March/April 2018 8 T he years of Prohibition brought about a tremendous change within the liquor industry and one such change was the establishment of municipal liquor stores, which were started after Prohibition ended as a means for cities to control the distribution of alcohol in their com- munities. Today, in the state of Minnesota, municipal liquor stores have proven to be a solid method of generating rev- enue for communities while simultaneously controlling the distribution of alcohol. To help oversee the municipal liquor industry throughout the state, the Minnesota Municipal Bev- erage Association (MMBA) was founded to "utilize a variety of tools and methods in order to educate MMBA members on current, future and past industry information, trends, strategies and events." HISTORICALLY SPEAKING As Gary Buysse, operations manager at Rogers Wines and Spirits in Rogers, MN (and MMBA board member) explains, agency agency profile by MAURA KELLER PROTECTING Municipal Assets

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