Stateways March April 2018

StateWays is the only magazine exclusively covering the control state system within the beverage alcohol industry, with annual updates from liquor control commissions and alcohol control boards and yearly fiscal reporting from control jurisdictions

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THANK YOU FOR MAKING US A 2018 GROWTH BR AND. It's because of you that Roca Patrón tequila is a Rising Star and Patrón tequila is an Established Growth Brand. The perfect way to enjoy Patrón is responsibly. Handcrafted and imported exclusively from Mexico by The Patrón Spirits Company, Las Vegas, NV. Roca Patrón Silver—45% Alc./Vol., Roca Patrón Añejo—44% Alc./Vol., Roca Patrón Reposado—42% Alc./Vol., Patrón Silver, Reposado, Añejo, Extra Añejo—40% Alc./Vol.

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