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March 2018

Proudly serving the industry for which it was named for more than 50 years, Outdoor Power Equipment provides dealers who sell and service outdoor power equipment with valuable information to succeed in a competitive market.

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COACH'S CORNER www.outdoorpowerequipment.com OUTDOOR POWER EQUIPMENT MARCH 2018 23 Ty Bello, RCC is the president and founder of Team@Work, LLC. He is an author, communicator and registered coach. The team at T@W has more than 50 years of combined experience in assessing, developing, and coaching sole proprietorships, sales teams, C-suite executives, individuals and teams in a variety of industry settings. Contact Ty at ty@teamatworkcoaching.com for your sales, customer call center, and management coaching needs. Or visit www.teamatworkcoaching.com for more information. HEFTEE 2000 WORKHORSE OF PROFESSIONAL OPE SERVICE SHOPS > Lifts up to 2,000 pounds to 6 feet. > Free-standing and mobile > Adjustable, 60-inch lift arms match to equipment's wheelbase > Passive safety locking system > Accessory package makes the lift a complete OPE workstation The Heftee 2000 changed everything about OPE service! Professional technicians no longer had to work on the floor or squeeze under a mower deck on a floor creeper. The Heftee 2000 offers complete under-equip- ment access and allows the technician to work comfortably in a standing position. Let the DIY mechanics struggle with floor jacks, chain hoists and cold floors. Service pros count on the Heftee 2000 for every lifting task. The Heftee 2000 has become the workhorse of the OPE dealer shop. CALL 800.755.7540 OR VISIT WWW.HEFTEE.COM key team members, you will be freed to work on the business, the future, the vision, the culture, and the path to be taken. The solution to pandemonium The real work begins by identifying the two types of noise that exist in your business (red and yellow) and how you will make them go away. As an owner or leader, you must decide: What does my team really need from me? What am I doing today that needs to stop? What am I not doing today that I need to begin? Answering these questions will help you see the noise, and reveal if you are still a technician in your business. From there, you can create the path of how to begin working on your business. This is definitely an investment of time. Do not get caught up in the excuse that this is too much time to invest. Just like financial investments, you do not see the yield of your investment all at once — the gain is over time. The investment of your time here is a deposit into the future of your team and your business. Addressing the pandemonium in your business today will allow you to deposit significant resources of time and talent into the future of your business. Today is a great day to begin the self-management process, and make the pandemonium go away. OPE

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