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March 2018

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www.outdoorpowerequipment.com OUTDOOR POWER EQUIPMENT MARCH 2018 21 make our day more or less productive. Time just keeps ticking away, whether we are active or inactive, awake or asleep, working or recreating. So, it is not managing your time that is going to make the pandemonium go away, it is managing yourself. Identifying and eliminating the noise To begin eliminating pandemonium, identify the noise that is in the way of making you productive. Don't get me wrong, you and your team are productive, and get a great deal done every day. But can you imagine what you could get done without the noise? Noise is anything that distracts you from being productive in your business. All of us have periods of activity during our day, and we check things off our list, but noise gets in the way of being productive, and needs to be eliminated. Because everyone's day is different, I will not be supplying you a list of things that create noise in your day. Instead, think about what it is that distracts you from being productive. Some leaders have identifi ed the culprits as: Too many e-mails and voicemails The team People who don't know their job (both employees and vendors) Before you make your own list of noise in your day, let's defi ne the three types of noise, the characteristics of each, and the problems they cause: #1: White noise White noise is also considered background noise. There has never been a showroom or shop that I have gone into that has not had some sort of radio playing. The "white noise" coming from the radio could be any genre or even talk radio. Another form of white noise that has gained popularity is background noise at bedtime. There are many who cannot fall asleep without a fan or some sort of noise in the background. White Noise is not a culprit in the arena of pandemonium in your day. This is what is called "productivity noise." This noise actually helps calm, sooth, and balance your environment, and actually assists in productivity. #2: Yellow noise The second type of noise is what I call "yellow noise." Of the three types of noise the biggest offender, and the one that contributes most to pandemonium, is unscheduled interruptions. That is a bit of an oxymoron because nobody schedules interruptions in www.billygoat.com Take the chore out of the chore with Billy Goat! Spring Renovation with Cutting Edge Performance! Cutting Edge Performance! Cutting Edge Performance! Cutting Edge Performance! Cutting Edge Performance! Cutting Edge Performance! Cutting Edge Performance! NEW! LASER CLAD CUTTING BLADE! HyDRo-DRIvE AvAILABLE! Self-Propelled Overseeder • Blade design improves slicing, reduces thatch pick-up & extends blade life • Floating cutting head • Auto Drop ™ saves seed • Cutting blade's laser clad hardened leading edge offers 3x blade life • Simplest cut & drive set up in its class • Variable speed fingertip drive for unmatched cut control & productivity • Superstructure frame is heavier for smooth cut & long life. • Option of landscape or golf wheels • Standard reverse reduces fatigue & makes for easy loading / unloading Full Line of Aerators • 18-, 25- & 30-inch reciprocating • 19" drum • 48" & 60" towable • Ease of maintenance aeration 18" Hydro-Drive Sod Cutter – a Cut Above the Rest

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