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StateWays is the only magazine exclusively covering the control state system within the beverage alcohol industry, with annual updates from liquor control commissions and alcohol control boards and yearly fiscal reporting from control jurisdictions

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ONLINE: EMAIL: PHONE: 203-855-8499 ext. 2216 FAX: 203-855-9446 MAIL: EPG Media LLC. PO Box 75018 Chicago, IL 60675-5030 01517S AVAILABLE DECEMBER 2017! For more than twenty years, the FACT BOOK has guided users through the beverage alcohol rules and regulations maze. The web edition provides immediate access; offers up-to-the-minute changes at your fi ngertips; and allows searches by type of rule, regulation and state. The continuously updated online database of regulations, procedures, contacts and licensing authorities helps users fi nd their way through the differing laws in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Web pricing based on an annual subscription. 2017 Summary of state regulations Control state specifi c regulations Distilled spirits, wine & beer comsumption by state What's sold where by state Merchandising & advertising guidelines by state INCLUDES: Fact Book 2016 8 Distilled Spirits Distilled Spirits U.S. Market Wine Shipping Laws — 2016 Alabama Prohibited - No No No No Alaska Allowed -No Permit Required A reasonable quantity - Yes Yes Yes Yes Arizona Allowed-Permit Required, DTC seires 17W 6 cases per person per year though 2017 - Yes Yes Yes Yes Fee $225. (Wineries producing less than 20,000 gallons annually may ship an unlimited quantity under a Farm Winery Permit, Fee $300) Arkansas On-Site Allowed -Permit Required, Fee $25 1 case per person per quarter year - No Yes No Yes (off-site dttc shipments are prohibited) California Allowed-Permit Required, Fee $10.00 Unlimited - Yes Yes Yes Yes (for CA wineries fee is permit and fee are included in 02 license) Colorado Allowed -Permit Required, Fee $50.00 Unlimited - Yes Yes Yes Yes Connecticut Allowed-Permit Required, Fee $315.00 2 cases every 2 months per consumer - Yes Yes Yes Yes ($100 filing fee) Delaware Prohibited N/A Yes, no limit No Yes No Yes Dist. of Col. Allowed-No Permit Required 1 case per person per month - Yes Yes Yes Yes Florida Allowed -No Permit Required Unlimited - Yes Yes Yes Yes Georgia On-Site Allowed- No Permit Required 5 cases per household per year - Yes Yes Yes Yes Georgia Off-Site Allowed -Permit Required, Fee is $50.00 12 cases per person - Yes Yes Yes Yes and per address per year Hawaii Allowed - separate permit and fee for 6 cases per year per household - Yes Yes Yes Yes each county: Maui $48, Oahu $48, Kaui $48, Hawaii $120 Idaho Allowed Permit Required, Fee $50.00 24 cases annually per consumer - Yes Yes Yes Yes per winery llinois Permit Required, Fee $150 to $1000 12 cases per year per consumer - Yes Yes Yes Yes (fee based on annual production volume) per winery Indiana Allowed-Permit Required, Fee $100.00 to 24 case consumer aggregrate total per year/ - Yes Yes Yes Yes $500.00 (Tiered structure based on the 5,000 case aggregate total amount of wine sold to consumers during per winery per year the previous calendar year.) Wineries that have sold to an IN distributor in the last 120 days are not eligible to apply for a permit. Iowa Allowed -Permit Required, Fee $25.00 Unlimited - Yes Yes Yes Yes Kansas On-Site Allowed -On-Site Only- no permit required Unlimited - Yes Yes Yes Yes Kansas Off-Site Permit Required for Off-Site sales Only, 12 cases per address - Yes Yes Yes Yes Intial Permit Fee $150 for two years or consumer per year Kentucky Permit required, only wineries producing 2 cases - No No No No 50,000 gallons or less eligible. Louisiana Allowed-Permit Required, Fee 12 cases per year per consumer - Yes Yes Yes Yes $250.00 + Tax Registration Fee $150 Maine Permit Required, Initial Permit Fee 12 cases per household per year - Yes Yes Yes Yes $200 plus $100 registration fee Maryland Permit Required, $200 18 cases per address per year - Yes Yes Yes Yes Massachusetts Permit Required, Initial Permit Fee $300, 12 cases per consumer per year - Yes Yes Yes Yes Annual Renewal Fee, $150. Michigan Allowed-Permit Required, Fee $100.00 1500 cases per winery over 1 year - Yes Yes Yes Yes (additional $70 fee for initial application Shipping Legal Federal FedEx FedEx UPS UPS State Requirements Amount On-Site Off-Site On-Site Off-Site On-Site 001-031_FrontSection.indd 8 1/22/17 4:21 PM Fact Book 2016 14 Distilled Spirits What's Sold Where What's Sold Where, by Package j Spirits k Wine l Beer m Wine Based Coolers n Malt Based Coolers o Non-Alcohol Beer OPEN STATES Alaska jklmno o o o Arizona* jklmno jklmno jklmno jklmno Arkansas* jklmno lno klno lno California* jklmno jklmno jklmno jklmno Yes (5¢/10¢) Colorado* jklmno jklmno lno lno Connecticut jklmno lno Yes (5¢) Delaware* jklmno Yes (5¢) Dist. of Columbia jklmno klmno klmno Florida jklmno klmno klmno klmno Georgia jklmno klmno klmno klmno Hawaii jklmno jklmno jklmno jklmno Illinois* jklmno jklmno jklmno jklmno Indiana jklmno jklmno klmno klmno Kansas* jklmno lno lno lno Kentucky* jklmno jklmno lno lno Lousiana jklmno jklmno jklmno jklmno Maryland* jklmno jklmno jklmno Massachusetts* jklmn jklmn jklmno jklmn Yes (5¢) Minnesota* jklmno lmno lmno lmno Missouri jklmno jklmno jklmno jklmno Nebraska* jklmno jklmno jklmno jklmno Nevada* jklmno jklmno jklmno jklmno New Jersey* jklmno jklmno jklmno jklmno New Mexico jklmno jklmno jklmno jklmno New York* jk lmno lmno lmo Yes (5¢) North Dakota* jklmn jklmn jklmn Oklahoma* jklm no no no Rhode Island jklmno jklmno o jklmno South Carolina* jk klmno klmno klmno South Dakota jklmno jklmno jklmno jklmno Tennessee* jk lo lno lno Texas* jklmno jlmno klmno klmno Washington* jklmn jlmno klmno klmno Wisconsin* jklmno jklmno jklmno jklmno CONTROL STATES Alabama* jklmno klmno klmno klmno Idaho jklmno klmno klmno klmno Iowa* jklmn jklmn jklmn jklmn Yes (5¢) Maine jklmno jklmno jklmno jklmno Yes (5¢) Michigan* jklmno jklmno jklmno jklmno Yes (10¢) Mississippi* jk lmno lmno lmno Montana jkl klmno klmno klmno Montgomery County, MD* jklmn klmno klmno New Hampshire* jk klmno klmno klmno North Carolina* j klmno klmno klmno Ohio* jklmno jklmno jklmno klmno Oregon* jo klmno klmno klmno Yes (5¢) Pennsylvania* jkm Utah* jklmn lo lo lo Vermont* j klmno klmno klmno Yes (5¢) Virginia* jk klmno klmno klmno West Virginia jklmno jklmno jklmno jklmno Wyoming* jklmno jklmno jklmno jklmno * See page 15 for restrictions on sales. Mandatory Liquor Stores Drug Stores Grocery Stores Gas Stations Deposits/Beer 001-031_FrontSection.indd 14 1/22/17 4:21 PM FACT BOOK

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