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November/December 2017

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34 November/December 2017 Landscape and Irrigation GREEN INDUSTRY BENCHMARK REPORT T raining matters was one of the key takeaways from HindSite Software's Green Industry Benchmark Report. When the experts at HindSite examined the data, they found that about a quarter of businesses do weekly training, which is great, but almost 15 percent don't do any training at all. Which led to the question, "does the frequency of training matter?" It sure seems like it does. Those whose profitability was in excess of 20 percent were generally training more frequently. And those who saw low profitability — especially those that weren't profitable — generally were less likely to offer training — and more likely to be less frequent in their training. Which shouldn't really surprise you. Businesses that invest in their employee training generally outperform those that don't. Some tips to help you improve your training: Tr a i n i n g d o e s n't h ave t o b e f o r m a l . A s i m p l e w e e k l y 15-minute meeting where you discuss issues from the previous week — and how to solve them — is a great way to improve your employees. Think about doing quality control checks. A number of HindSite customers use assessments to perform quality control checks. This is especially effective in maintenance businesses. Simply send a manager to a prop er t y once a month for a review. Arm your manager with a checklist or document with a series of questions that rate the quality of the work. Collecting that data gives you information you can use at your weekly training sessions to teach your employees how to do the job. You don't always need to be the one training. Have your employees teach each other. It's a great way to get them involved in the training. For t h e p a s t f ive ye a rs , Hi n d Si te S of t w a re ( w w w. h i n d s i te s of t wa re . c o m ) h a s b e e n c o n d u c t i n g a n annual comprehensive sur ve y of green industry businesses. HindSite analyzes and cross-references the data, and then releases the Green Industry Benchmark Report. HindSite asks questions about virtually every facet of the respondents' businesses to create the most comprehensive look at the green industry available. From hiring to revenue growth to sales and marketing, HindSite analyzes every aspect of a ty pical green industr y business. The Benchmark Report clocks in at nearly 60 pages and contains a wealth of information. For more information, visit http:// industry-benchmark-report. Information and graphics provided by HindSite Software. The Importance of Training

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