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November/December 2017

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Page 30 of 35 Landscape and Irrigation November/December 2017 31 IRRIGATION AND WATER MANAGEMENT uprooted trees staged in nursery yards will remain irrigated and healthy, while waiting to be transplanted into urban landscapes. Root Flow is the whole package. Underhill TurboTrim TurboTrim, a new ratcheting tool that efficiently trims turf around golf sprinkler heads, is now available from Underhill International. Designed for time-saving operation, TurboTrim is the only hand trimmer with both right and left drive ratcheting mechanisms. It precisely cuts around sprinkler heads and improves irrigation coverage and overall course appearance. TurboTrim is 36 inches tall and features 7- and 8-inch replaceable cutting blades that produce a clean trim around Toro, Rain Bird or Hunter golf sprinklers. With comfortable rubber grip handles and heavy-duty steel construction, TurboTrim is designed for easy use and lasting durability. It has a black powder coat finish. Rain Bird LNK WiFi Module Rain Bird has made remote access and control available for residential and light- commercial irrigation systems with its new LNK WiFi Module. The LNK WiFi Module is a small device that plugs into an accessory port on Rain Bird's ESP-Me and ESP-TM2 controllers. Contractors can also install the module with existing ESP-Me installations after swapping out the controller's old front panel with the new WiFi-compatible version. This provides c o n t r a c t o r s w i t h a s t r a i g h t f o r w a r d , simple upgrade opportunity that doesn't re quire repla cing the cont rol ler. T he LNK WiFi Module prov ides complete irrigation system management via a free downloadable mobile app. The module receives weather information from the Internet, automatically adjusting system run times on a daily basis. It also provides users with notifications on their mobile devices that assist with troubleshooting, system diagnostics and operation while providing meaningful weather event alerts. Rain Bird ESP-TM2 controller Av ailable in 4-, 6-, 8- and 12-stat ion models, Rain Bird's ESP-TM2 controller i s s u i t a b l e f o r i n d o o r o r o u t d o o r installations. By plugging in the LNK WiFi Module (sold separately), users can access, op er ate and monitor their ir r ig at ion systems from anywhere using a free mobile app. Three available programs offer up to 4 start times per program, or choose simple, one-touch manual watering. With the WiFi module, the ESP-TM2 can also access internet-based weather information to adjust the irrigation schedule daily, saving up to 30 percent in water. On site, the ESP-TM2's large back-lit LCD display offers improved visibility in low-light and direct-sunlight conditions. Rain Bird XFS-CV dripline In 2010, Rain Bird introduced its award- winning XFS subsurface dripline with patented Copper Shield technolog y to pre vent damage from root int r usion. Now, Rain Bird launched a new version of the XFS that can be used in virtually any drip irrigation application — XFS-CV Dripline. XFS-CV Dripline combines the benefits of XFS and its Copper Shield protection with a heavy-duty, 4.0-psi check valve. This check valve keeps the dripline charged with water in elevation changes of up to nine feet. XFS-CV can be used on sloped areas, level areas, above ground and below. Because XFS-CV Dripline remains charged with water, it more uniformly irrigates all plants in the drip zone. The check valve also pre vents water from draining out of the dripline at the zone's lowest points, preventing plants in those areas from being overwatered and avoiding wasteful puddling. * T h e f o l l o w i n g p r o d u c t s w e r e a l s o nominated for the Irrigation Show New Product Contest (Landscape Category), but are not profiled here: R a i n B i rd E S P- 9 V B a t t e r y O p e r a t e d Irrigation Controllers Baseline Irrigation Systems SubStation Hydro-Rain B-hyve institutional controller Hydro-Rain B-hyve smart hose faucet controller NDS Heavy Duty Drip K-Rain BL-KR Gen 2 King Innovation SnapTap Pro

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