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November/December 2017

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IRRIGATION AND WATER MANAGEMENT 30 November/December Landscape and Irrigation Smooth inner face for sliding down edge of pot. Angular water-saving ramp. Gentle four-stream watering pattern. Slimline profile stake for easy penetration into potting mix. Toro Precision Check Valve The Toro Precision Check Valve saves water and eliminates runoff by immediately sealing the spray head at its connection point at the end of the irrigation cycle, thereby preventing the draining of lateral lines through the lowest-lying heads. Hold-back strength of up to 15 feet: Capable of compensating for elevation changes in a zone of up to 15 feet, the Precision Check Valve (PCV) eliminates issues with low head drainage and the resulting water waste. Spring-actuated design: Spring actuation ensures an immediate check when the irrigation cycle ends. Low profile: With an overall profile of just under 1-1/4 cubic inches, the PCV-500 adds less than 3/8-inch of height to retrofitted spray heads, and can be retrofit to side inlet spray heads with minimal digging. The low-profile design makes the PCV-500 ideal for turf or slope applications. A universal fit: Featur ing 1/2-inch N P T t h re a d s , t h e P C V f i t s a l l m a j o r manufacturers' spray bodies and fittings. Netafim Techlock fittings Netafim Techlock fittings work with the following Techline driplines: HCVXR, HCVXR-RW, HCVXR-RWP, CV, DL, RW, RWP and also blank Polyethylene tubing. These high-quality, reliable and durable fittings have an abundance of new features and benefits: Ergonomic design enables quick field installation and reuse while reducing physical strain on installation crews A n i n d u s t r y - l e a d i n g m a x i m u m pressure r ating (100 psi) and pullout resistance (67 ft-lbs.) means maximum performance and durability The 10-year warranty for subsurface and 5 years for surface installations ensures peace of mind An outside diameter range from 16mm to 17mm simplifies the job for designers and contractors Dark brown color blends well with both the dripline and surrounding landscapes GreenIQ third generation smart sprinkler controller By unveiling the next generation of its Smart Garden Hub (Gen 3), GreenIQ creates a line of Hubs to control any small to large gardens depending on the number of irrigation zones and other different needs. With a new sleek design and even more features, GreenIQ allow users to manage their garden from any smart device they own and from anywhere around the globe. Using intelligent, Cloud- based software, GreenIQ analyzes recent and upcoming weather and humidity levels. With this information, as well as personal soil types and lawn conditions, GreenIQ adapts to each individual yard, saving users water and money while making sure their garden will flourish. With the addition of Gen 3 to the line, end users can now control as many as 16 sprinkler zones, two lighting channels and fertilization scheduling. GreenIQ offers 2 models: 3G-enabled Hub and Wi-Fi Hub. Root Flow by Root Flow Irrigation Industry-leading manufactures sold millions of subsurface tree irrigation and aeration tubes over the past decade. Those products are rightfully credited for improving the health and establishment of newly planted trees while conserving a significant amount of landscape water. Root Flow is a feature- rich, economical model that installs in seconds. Patent-pending design features dire c t conne c t to bubblers, emitters, 1/2- and 1/4-inch drip lines. Additional enhancements include direct-to-root water pattern, clog-resistant body design, and all- natural bio-nutrient tablets that improve water and nutrient uptake. There are models sized for trees, shrubs, plants, and planters. Uniquely Root Flow can be inserted directly into the root ball of nursery trees, ensuring

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