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Fall 2017

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GIANT LOOP MOJAVI SADDLEBAG AND KLAMATH TAIL RACK PACK GIANT LOOP'S MOTTO is "Go Light. Go Fast. Go Far." Based in Bend, Oregon, the company makes tough, lightweight luggage and accessories for dual-sport and adventure motorcycles. Years ago I tested Giant Loop's 60-liter Great Basin Saddlebag on my Kawasaki KLR650, and the horseshoe-shaped bag is still going strong even though it has been used and abused all over the Southern California backcountry. Recently most of my dual-sport riding has been on our KTM 690 Enduro R long-term test bike—essentially a street-legal dirt bike that's much lighter and faster than my old KLR—and I needed some compact luggage to carry essentials on long, challenging day rides. With a horseshoe design like the Great Basin, Giant Loop's MoJavi Saddlebag lays across the back of the seat and wraps down and around both sides of the bike, and, unlike some adventure soft luggage, it doesn't require a pannier rack for installation. Just three adjustable straps—two that hold the ends of the bag low and forward and one that wraps around the rear fender or luggage rack—hold the MoJavi securely in place. Capacity of the MoJavi is 12 liters (6 liters in each side), which I supplement with Giant Loop's 4-liter Klamath Tail Rack Pack connected securely to the center section of the MoJavi via straps. Together, they provide convenient storage with good weight distribution. Into the MoJavi's two side pockets go heavy items like my tool roll, tire irons, air pump, first-aid kit and an extra water bottle or two. Waterproof zippers seal the pockets and everything is held firmly in place with outer cinch straps. Into the Klamath's zipperless, nested clamshell bag (its lid is secured with adjustable quick-release straps) go items I need quick access to, such as a hat, sunblock, snacks and an extra base layer. Inside the Klamath is a zippered mesh pocket, a removable, adjustable divider and a removable, waterproof Dry Pod bag, and on top is bungee netting that's perfect for stashing a rain jacket. Both the MoJavi and Klamath are made of Bombshell, the same tough, waterproof vinyl-coated polyester that used for truckers' tarps, and they feature mil-spec straps and hardware. Once strapped securely onto the bike, they don't move at all, even after getting banged around on trails for hundreds of miles. And neither bag interferes with moving around on the seat or climbing on and off the bike. I carry just what I need, within reach but out of the way, in luggage that has never let me down. Available in black, gray, orange, white or yellow, the MoJavi Saddlebag retails for $199, and it includes an aluminum Hot Springs Heat Shield to protect it from a hot exhaust pipe. The black-only Klamath Tail Rack Pack retails for $170. Greg Drevenstedt For more information: See your dealer or visit giantloop.com graded on a curve PRODUCT REVIEWS www.FavoriteRidesAndDestinations.com | ridermagazine.com PAGE 88 FALL 2017 ISSUE 02 / VOL. 02

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