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Fall 2017

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www.FavoriteRidesAndDestinations.com | ridermagazine.com PAGE 48 FALL 2017 ISSUE 02 / VOL. 02 THE REAL DISNEYLAND In the morning, we ferried across Lake Luzerne then snaked back to Andermatt. In 2002, my wife Kathy, my daughter TJ and I toured this route in our BMW 325i. I spotted a decomposing 1981 Kawasaki GPz550—just like mine—displayed in front of a bar. Years later, it's still there. Its seat is torn and the pipes are rusting. But its mirrors are still better than mine. We stayed in Zermatt, the Disneyland of Switzerland. It's an electric-vehicle-only village—we had to leave our bikes down the hill in Tesch and take a taxi-van up to our hotel. It was nearly dark. In daylight you can see the Matterhorn rising above the town like a huge Cat In The Hat. At night, not so much. The Simplon Pass led us down to the lakes of southern Switzerland and northern Italy. We crossed Lago Maggiore—Ernest Hemingway's escape route from Italy to Switzerland in "A Farewell To Arms"—to Laveno, and then Angela led us up over a paved goat track toward Lake Lugano, with its startling blue-green water. ANGELS AND DEMONS The next day's route led down to Lake Como, made famous by George Clooney, Maxfield Parrish and Moto Guzzi. We sailed across to Varenna, its ancient castle rising above the village. Fun medieval fact: Inside the castle tower hangs a bizarre collection of shiny steel chastity belts, designed for unhappy boys and girls alike. I followed Angela, blazing on her Triumph Tiger 1200, up into the green hills and through one of the The high Alps are still dotted with glaciers, but they are retreating up the passes every year. This one used to end at a lodge in the Furkapass. Now it's a ¼-mile hike away. Both Edelweiss and KTM are based in Austria, and we briefly shared the road with one of KTM's open-cockpit sports cars, the X-Bow.

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