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Fall 2017

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www.FavoriteRidesAndDestinations.com | ridermagazine.com PAGE 17 FALL 2017 ISSUE 02 / VOL. 02 Starting at the Washington end of the modern, cantilevered Bridge of the Gods (those arriving from Oregon must pay a 50-cent toll when crossing the bridge from Interstate 84), we rode east along State Route 14. Against a headwind, we came to the town of Stevenson three miles later, where food and gas is available. Continuing east for four miles along the banks of the Columbia River, we carved north onto Wind River Road (Forest Road 30), following signage to Carson. Continuing north, we paralleled the ice- blue Wind River where, in late summer, the river recedes and exposes natural hot springs along its shore. The landscape is colored with Douglas firs and alders that litter the road with needles and catkins, while Indian paintbrushes pixilate the roadside in swatches of red and purple. Slower 30-45-mph chicanes lead deeper into the wilderness, and hazards such as chip sealant, narrow corners and snow banks limiting visibility are present. After 15 miles we turned northeast onto Meadow Creek Road. The Columbia River was originally dammed to allow ships to pass safely through the rapids, but was later used to generate power. This access to cheap electricity gave rise to the aluminum industry, which provided jobs that encouraged settlement.

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