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Beverage Dynamics is the largest national business magazine devoted exclusively to the needs of off-premise beverage alcohol retailers, from single liquor stores to big box chains, through coverage of the latest trends in wine, beer and spirits.

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4 Beverage Dynamics • November/December 2018 Editor's NOTE Beverage Group Content Director Jeremy Nedelka Tel: 763-383-4400 x2213 email: Editor, Off-Premise Kyle Swartz Tel: 763-383-4400 x2225 email: Contributing Editors Laurie Daniel Jonathan H. Newman Melissa Sherwin Paul Soja Tom Strenk Brand Development Manager Vincent Melita Tel: 763-383-4400, x2251 email: Sales Managers Bruce Kostic Tel: 763-383-4400 , x2215 email: Mark Marcon Tel: 763-383-4456 email: Debbie Rittenberg Tel: 763-383-4455 email: Managing Art Director Dodi Vessels Art Director Nicole Siewert Sr. Creative Services Project Manager Angela Scott Tel: 763-383-4441 email: Senior Product Manager, Data & Insights Marina Velez Tel: 763-383-4400 x2212 email: LIST RENTAL Kris Grauer email: Tel: 203-822-7933 REPRINTS For more information on e-prints or reprints from Beverage Dynamics magazine, contact Wright's Media, - Marcia Brewer, 877-652-5295. Sr VP/Audience Development Joanne Juda-Prainito VP Finance Michael Murphy Operations Manager Bernadette Wohlman CEO Marion Minor RETAILER EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD Jess Bailes ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, FL Chuck Ferrar Bay Ridge Wine & Spirits, MD Ron Junge Brown Derby Stores, MO Charles Sonnenberg Frugal MacDoogal's, TN Jason Daniels Half Time Beverage, NY Hal Gershman Happy Harry's Bottle Shop, ND Ted Farrell Haskell's, MN Ed Mulvihill Peco's, DE Mat Dinsmore Wilbur's, CO Chris Ciskey Yankee Wine, CT Beverage Dynamics is published by EPG Media & Specialty Information Editorial and executive offi ces at 40 Richards Ave, 3rd Floor, Suite 300 Norwalk, CT 06854 Telephone: 763-383-4400 Fax: 763-383-4499 'TIS THE SEASON WINTER HAS COME, which brings seasonal changes in consumer habits. Colder weather has beer drinkers reaching for heavier, darker, sweeter brews. It's certainly #StoutSeason, and many breweries will also re- lease holiday-themed specialties that taste of gra- ham cracker or winter spice. Cocktail lovers will whip up drinks that are warm and fi lling, which is why sales of cream liqueurs spike around the holiday season. Now is also the time for bigger wines like boozy red blends. To see how the 2018 Napa and Sonoma vin- tages will eventually fi t into this picture, read Jonathan H. Newman's review of the new vintages on page 8. Alcohol products remain a common gift this time of year, so be sure to see our 2018 Holiday Merchandising Guide in the digital edition of this issue. Not all drinking habits trend towards heavier beverages in winter months. The holidays are a time of celebration, with sales of bubbly wines shooting up. For more info on this, see our story by Laurie Daniel on page 16. At the same time, some customers will purchase certain products even if they might seem off-season. Consumers drink a little bit of everything today, experi- menting across brands and categories. This means that seasonal purchasing pat- terns can go out the window when the customer is in the mood for that certain beverage. Rosé All Day is more than a marketing phrase: it refl ects how modern consumers drink whatever they want, when they want. If you love mezcal and tequila, why stop in winter? To read how a retailer in Chicago, of all places, has become a national leader in mezcal and tequila, see Me- lissa Sherwin's feature on page 12 about Moreno's Liquors. Brown spirits are now always in season. American brandy has benefi ted from this boom. To see how, check out Tom Strenk's category piece online in our digi- tal edition. With this issue we close out another year. In review of 2018 you can read about the best wines our panel tasted this past year on page 31, and check out what we judged were the top marketing campaigns in our annual Advertising and Promotions Awards on page 19. Thanks to all our readers for another year of sharing in our coverage of the al- cohol industry. May everyone enjoy a healthy and prosperous 2019! Kyle Swartz Editor, Off-Premise

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