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Beverage Dynamics is the largest national business magazine devoted exclusively to the needs of off-premise beverage alcohol retailers, from single liquor stores to big box chains, through coverage of the latest trends in wine, beer and spirits.

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Page 12 of 57 November/December 2018• Beverage Dynamics 13 At right: Mike Moreno Sr. and his son, Mike Jr. Below: the tequila and mezcal categories are the top sellers. retail. Ultimately they selected Chato, which is derived from agave potatorum and sold exclusively at Moreno's Liquors. The Morenos constantly seek out innovative new prod- ucts to share with their customers. They sample more than 30 new products each week. They narrow their selections down to the highest quality products. "We work very hard on our palate and try to get as much info on the products as we can," the younger Moreno says. "I bring in things that I like and that I think taste good. I think our passion behind that is what really infl uences our customers." The elder Moreno agrees. "I'm a certifi ed tequila afi cio- nado, and Mike and Rose are working on it," he says. "We stress to our employees how important it is to educate the customer on what they're drinking. We try to steer them to things that are unique." During monthly employee meetings, the Morenos focus on a certain category and spend time educating their staff about various types of products. Customers who visit the store usually have opportunity to sample products before making a selection. One of the Morenos' favorite aspects of their business is having those regular interactions with cus- tomers: sharing information about products and helping peo- ple narrow down their options to make the selection process less overwhelming (which can easily happen when you're surrounded by so many products). Sometimes the Morenos are the ones who learn some- thing new from their customers. Mike Sr. recalls a time when he offered a customer a taste of a new tequila product, and she told him that she detected a hint of coconut. "I couldn't believe that because I'd tried that same brand multiple times and never tasted any coconut, but I tasted it again. Sure enough, she was right and there were notes of coconut in there," he says. "Many of our customers are very knowledgeable about these products as well. They come to our store because they know we offer a quality selection and that we know a lot about the products, but many times they teach us new things as well."

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