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Category of Submission: Schools/Parks Sporting Grounds Sports Turf Manager: John Cogdill Title: Manager Experience: 30+ years at the City of Boulder in design, construction and maintenance; 20+ years in management of satellite fi elds and athletic fi elds Full-time staff: Don McGhee Part-time staff: Ron Strong Original construction: 1993 Turfgrass variety: Playmate ryegrass, Pioneer sports turf mix of ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass; PBR sports turf mix of ryegrass and bluegrass Overseed: Broadcast seeding, slit seeding, and spot seeding with divot repair sand (90% sand, 10% organic mix) Drainage: Underground full herringbone design with 8" mainline tied in with fl exible corrugated plastic pipe Previous winner As a previous Field of the Year winner, what if anything did you do differently on your winning fi eld this year? "In the past the Championship Field at Pleasant View has undergone two recycle dressings a year to improve compaction. This year we opted to run a deep tiner with 9-inch coring tines to improve drainage and also improve subsoil compaction. This also increased the frequency; we were able to use this option without tearing up the fi eld and so helped maintain an increased level of play." Why should STMA consider your field a winner? "The fi eld is used starting the beginning of March through the middle of November. In the spring, between March and June 1 then the fi eld is used by PDL soccer team from June1 thru mid-July. Then the fi eld is setup for rugby between August 1 through the end of November. The fi eld is used for special tournaments such as soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, and clinics. In the summer, the fi eld is converted back to rugby for the duration of the growing season. The fi eld gets approximately 460+ hours of play a year. The fi eld is sand- based with an automatic irrigation system and a wishbone drainage system. CHAMPIONSHIP FIELD PLEASANT VIEW City of Boulder, CO The Field of the Year Awards program is made possible by the support of sponsors Carolina Green Corp., Ewing, Hunter Industries, and World Class Athletic Services. www.spor 42 // September 2018

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