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www.spor 39 September 2018 // level low spots, maintain paths and even grass runways? TurfTime's topdressers are designed to spread wet or dry materials allowing a very light dusting or a heavy application. The unique configuration of the belt and metering gate eliminates bridging and delivers a consistent flow of material to the spinners. Like a drop spreader? Adjust spinner and belt speeds to get a narrow drop application, or to broadcast the material over a wide area, all with the same topdresser. NEW ECO 600T TOPDRESSER ATTACHMENT The ECO 600T 3-point hitch top dresser attachment is unique in Ecolawn Applicator's line of broadcast top dressers. Equipped with a category 2 3-point hitch and a PTO drive, the new generation ECO 600T makes handling heavier products feasible without sacrificing maneuverability or ease of operation. It has been designed with a hydraulic flow-gate system, for effortless adjustability directly from the driver's seat. Whether applying compost, sand, soil, or a custom blend; the ECO 600T's large capacity, rear-delivery hopper (22 cu. ft.) broadcasts bulk material in a 180-degree arc (22 ft. spread), making topdressing quick, smooth, and effortless. BANNERMAN BTD-20 TURF TOPPER The Bannerman Turf-Topper (BTD-20) is the original big capacity, precision-built topdresser designed especially for sports turf maintenance. Engineered for speed, accuracy and uniform dispensing of material, this topdresser will handle any combination of sand, loam, peat moss, manure or fertilizer, spreading to a desired depth of 1⁄4 to 3 inches. The reinforced steel box has a capacity of 3-4 cubic yards, with a conveyor floor that is driven by hydraulics with over 20 calibrated speeds. The tractor PTO ensures a continuous and uniform flow of material through the contra-rotating spreader drum, breaking up any lumps and ensuring a fine and uniform texture. EARTH & TURF'S MULTISPREAD TOPDRESSER The Earth & Turf LLC product line includes its MultiSpread model 320, a 1-cubic yd. topdresser spreader with exclusive, widespread beater. This versatile machine spreads topdressing materials, infield mix, calcined clay, and grass clippings. With a convenient light-material sides option, available for dealer or customer installation, this topdresser virtually doubles its capacity, especially great for spreading light compost to improve turf quality! Overall height with light-material sides, plus narrow overall width, allows operators to reach in easily from either side when loading. Maximum load capacity using the light material sides is 3,600 lbs. Two-wheel ground traction drive is standard. Hydraulic drive is available as an option, offering benefits for owners of tow vehicles with remote hydraulic valve and minimum of 6 GPM flow. With hydraulic-drive, apron and beater speeds are independent of ground speed, each infinitely and independently adjustable, providing excellent spreading flexibility. EXMARK STAND-ON SPREADER-SPRAYER The Exmark Spreader-Sprayer features innovative Lean-to-Steer controls, which give the operator one-handed control of steering and forward or reverse speed. The second hand is free to manage spread or spray system controls, or perform spot spraying with the easy-to-access spray wand. Selectable narrow (up to 5.5 feet) and wide (up to 11 feet) spray nozzles provide enhanced versatility. Dual induction nozzles inside the 20-gallon tank deliver aggressive agitation of spray mixtures to keep materials in suspension. The Spyker spreader system offers reliable performance and ease of use, and the 175-pound capacity hopper is supplemented by room for 50-pounds of additional bagged material atop the tank. A Subaru EX27 commercial engine, corrosion-resistant stainless steel mainframe and powder-coated control tower deliver maximum durability. FDS 9200, 6000 & 4600 SERIES Endorsed by the Baltimore Ravens' Don Follett, Director of Fields & Grounds, WoodBay Turf Technologies offers its fds series of machines for synthetic and natural turf. Quickly revives old and compacted synthetic turf to get the spring back into the rubber-crumb top dressing in one easy pass. Approved by synthetic turf manufacturers/ installers, the machines' large number

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