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www.spor 38 // September 2018 REDEXIM'S RINK DS 3800 DISC SPREADER The Rink DS 3800 disc spreader from Redexim Nor th America is a topdresser with dual spinners and a variable spread pattern of up to 50 feet wide. The operation of the belt and spinners can be done from the tractor seat by switching the hydraulic lever. No unnecessary drop of material takes place between stopping and operation, since the material release gate automatically closes when the belt is stopped. The spinner discs have been designed in a way that they will handle wet material extremely well. METE-R-MATIC XL As the industry's topdressing leader since 1961, Turfco's Mete-R-Matic XL offers turf managers the power and productivity of its time-tested, patented ground-drive and Chevron belt. The machine: ensures that drop rate remains consistent even if turf or operator speed isn't, with a ground-drive system that automatically adjusts to towing speed or uneven terrain; evenly spreads any material from wet sand to crumb rubber, calcined clays and lime; can cover more ground, faster with a 2.25 cubic yard galvanized steel hopper; needs no engine or hydraulics, operators can just hook up and go; and offers Turfco's signature ease of operation, durability and 3-year warranty. With less loading and increased efficiency on large turf areas, the Mete-R-Matic XL delivers the most uniform application in less time. DEERE'S TD100 TOPDRESSER Designed for the John Deere ProGator Heavy- Duty Utility Vehicles, the TD100 topdresser is ideal for use on athletic fields and other areas where an efficient means of topdressing is needed. The hopper has a capacity of 12 cubic feet level-full or 19 cubic feet heaped, a rated capacity of 1500 pounds, and is made of galvanized steel to reduce corrosion and supported by steel-members to increase strength. The fixed-speed, nylon/polyester cord, endless conveyor belt on the TD100 efficiently moves material under the metering gate and through a rotating brush for even distribution. The full-width metering gate opening can be adjusted from zero to three inches, with a two- lever system allowing the operator to adjust the gate height and lock the gate into position. STEC EQUIPMENT'S GKB SANDSPREADER The GKB Sandspreader is designed to evenly distribute a wide variety of materials, sand or compost, on fields. The "V" shape of the sand hopper ensures efficient operation and improved maneuverability. The sand is transported to the mechanically adjustable metering valve on a conveyor belt. The double disc spreader then ensures the perfect distribution of material over the surface. The machine can be used anywhere thanks to the four oversized turf tires and pendeling axels. The oversized tires ensure minimum ground pressure, keeping compaction to a minimum. The Sandspreader can also be fixed with an optional material handling conveyor system. TORO'S MH-400 MATERIAL HANDLER The large capacity Toro MH-400 material handler delivers versatility and performance to tackle a wide range of jobs at any facility. The cross conveyor is ideal for applying mulch, back filling of drainage ditches, and much more. Install the twin spinner accessory and the MH-400 becomes a large area topdresser to transport and accurately spread materials ranging from crumb rubber or fertilizer, to a sand/peat topdressing mix. The rear hitch receiver allows implements, such as a wood chipper, to be towed in tandem. The optional wireless controller allows real- time adjustments. TURFTIME TOPDRESSERS TurfTime Equipment topdressers have a capacity range of .75 cubic yd. to 8 cubic yd. The long hopper allows faster loading without spilling and can be used anywhere. Looking for the best topdresser to sand-dress, apply compost, repair washouts, apply mulch for erosion control,

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