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www.spor 35 September 2018 // Douglas, made us a small star stencil. We then spaced the red and white stripes out evenly, so we could fi t all 13, using strings to lay each stripe out. Once the "P" logo was completed, we moved onto creating the "USA" in the outfi eld. Using multiple strings and tape measures to get the ideal location for each letter, the letters were then outlined with strings, so we knew where they were until they were more defi ned from rolling/brooming. Each letter was 4½ feet wide and 25 feet tall. How long did each part (and the fi nished product) take to create? Each part took a little longer than we wanted due to weather. It took us around 2 days to get the "USA" in and around 2 days to paint the "P" logo. Overall, I would say it took us a week to get all the fi ne details and mowing pattern looking how we wanted it to. What was the most challenging part? The most challenging part was measuring and laying out the "USA." The second most challenging part was trying to decide how we wanted to showcase the design in photos. That part became easier once we made contact with a local photographer, Dave Wegiel, who owned a drone and had done some amazing shots of our facilities. How many gallons of paint did you use? We used around 20 gallons of paint. How many people were involved and what were their roles? There were fi ve people involved: four students and me. I mowed the fi eld, layed out and painted the "P" logo and helped with the "USA." Lane Zink helped lay out and paint the "P" logo. Matt Homco, Brett Shoults and Anthony Maquet measured and broomed/rolled in the "USA" logo. How did you decide to create the design on the softball fi eld? The summer for us is a time without games or events so our fi elds aren't typically game-conditioned. Our soccer and football fi elds are bermudagrass, which were still in the grow-in phase at that point. As mentioned earlier, we had just wrapped up the IHSAA championships at the softball facility so that was a natural choice. What type of grass is it? The fi eld is a blend from Tuckahoe Turf Farms in New Jersey that contains Ginny, P105, Bewitched and Moonlight Ken- tucky bluegrass. Anything else you'd like to add? Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote and share our photo. We want to especially thank Dave Wegiel for taking the time out of his day with short notice to fl y his drone over the complex and capture these pictures for us. We had a great battle for votes with the Columbia Firefl ies. It was a tight race the whole week; they had a great design as well. /ST/

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