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www.spor 28 // September 2018 to compact, which results in a denser soil after traffi c is applied to athletic fi elds. Athletes must have a safe playing fi eld to be able to perform at a high level for their entire career. An athletic fi eld is at its best for only one game each season; before any games have been played on its surface. Throughout the length of a full football season, a fi eld's safety characteristics change in all types of rootzones. The data we are collecting will be useful to fi eld managers, coaches, parents, and athletes to provide an estimate of when the turfgrass surface becomes unsafe during the playing season. This data will also give fi eld manag- ers the knowledge they need to limit play on their fi elds when they become unsafe. This will reduce the need to completely replace a natural grass fi eld since the fi eld is not being completely destroyed by the players during a season. At this time, cultivation techniques can be performed to make the athletic fi eld safe, and playable once again. Turf managers should pe- riodically performance test during the season to ensure safe playing conditions at all times. Future research can be done to use this test procedure for other sports such as soccer or rugby. /ST/ Taylor Williams is a Master's candidate in the Plant Sciences Depart- ment at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville; John Sorochan, PhD, is a Distinguished Professor at the University of Tennessee in the Plant Sciences Department and heads the Center for Athletic Field Safety in Knoxville. Author Taylor Williams pulling the traffic simulator. Online Print Print Mobile Mobile E-newsletter Facebook Twitter Twitter Go to

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