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areas (goalmouths and center of the soccer field) weekly during spring and fall soccer season with perennial ryegrass. Before and after each season we use the Turfco Tri-wave slit seeder for the entire field in two directions. Monthly we broadcast spread 70% Kentucky bluegrass/30% perennial rye blend with the Vicon spreader and let the players cleat in the grass seed. Rootzone: We applied 44.26 tons of 7/2/1 sand/peat/humus organic topdressing mix to the field in order to improve existing soil. The soil composition at Longfellow Park is a native soil consisting mainly of a clay loam. With this soil composition, drainage has always been an issue at Longfellow Park. The past 4 years we have aggressively deep tine aerated and topdressed with USGA spec 7/2/1 mix. We apply approximately 45 tons of material each year in an attempt to relieve soil compaction. We focus on these efforts, in conjunction with deep-tine aerating, to allow sand to settle into coring channels (therefore increasing water percolation rate). We have noticed significant improvements by adhering to this strategy, which has ultimately allowed for a substantial increase in keeping the field open and available for activities. Drainage: No system Why STMA should consider your field a winner? The Park District of Oak Park is located 12 miles west of downtown Chicago and is an eclectic community known for its architecture and arts. There are 52,000 residents in this 2.5 square mile urban community. Oak Park is ranked 6th in the nation for www.spor 43 August 2018 //

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