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www.spor 39 August 2018 // amendments and more are injected into the aeration holes. Key benefits are speed and labor savings. DryJect aeration is very effective and is a viable alternative to core aeration. TURFSLICER FROM G2TURFTOOLS A patented turf-slicing device installed on the g2 turftools turffloat or mini turfroller provides an easy and effective way to grind up and redistribute aerification cores to low areas. The unique slicing action of the turfslicer blades also penetrates the thatch area to provide much needed air space while cutting and replanting existing stolons to promote a healthier, thicker turf. When installed on the g2 turffloat, the 1/8" stainless steel blades have proven effective in redistributing aerification cores with just two passes eliminating harvesting or repeated dragging to remove cores. With adjustable frame mounts the patented slicer blades can be raised clear of the surface for free floating action or set to a depth of 1 1/2" for maximum slicing of turf or sprigs. TURFTIME EQUIPMENT AERATOR The heavy-duty aerator from TurfTime Equipment is a best buy for your turf maintenance equipment fleet. These rugged turf aerators will handle a large percentage of the workload of a deep tine aerator for much less money and do the job in less time. Whether you prefer coring aeration or slicing aeration, this Advantage Aerator will suit your needs. Features include: chisel point sport tines 7.5" x 3/8" thick; wheels are on 6" centers; 65-gal. water tank for extra weight; 3-point hitch frame has both Cat I and Cat II hitches. Options include: fine tine 6.3" long x 1/4" thick; fracturing tine 8.5" long x 1/2" thick; coring spoons - 1" OD x 7.5" length with 10 spoons per wheel; smoothing roller; wheel spacing on 4" centers versus standard 6"; and hydraulic wheel kit. *Hydraulic wheel kit. AIR2G2 324 If you have back-to-back games and events, intense rainfall and constant "wear and tear", it sounds like your field needs an Air2G2 324 treatment. The Air2G2 324 uses a proprietary air-injection process to relieve compaction, increase porosity and enhance respiration. Without damaging the playing surface or the roots below, the Air2G2 324 laterally injects air into the soil profile, to fracture hardpan layers, enable drainage and aid in player safety. Unlike traditional aeration methods, the Air2G2 324 doesn't leave a mess of cores to clean up, so your field is game day ready immediately after treatment! Move water off the field quickly on rainy days or drain the tarp dump area following a rain delay. Treat today, play today! GET PERFECTION FROM EVERY TINE Jacobsen GATM series aerators are built to tackle sports fields, all with precision performance, heightened productivity and elevated turf health. A deep-tine aerator, the GA600 creates unmatched hole quality over a wide area and when equipped with an optional AerStrike 4 attachment can perform deep and conventional tine aeration in a single pass. The intermediate-depth GA450 and GA580 achieve unparalleled hole quality, with increased speed and productivity. Every GATM series aerator is equipped with PerfectStrike technology, which ensures tines enter and exit the turf vertically, delivering unrivaled hole quality with minimal damage to the root zone. Strategically mounted rollers enable the GA series to provide superior ground-following capability and consistent aeration quality and depth. IMANTS SHOCKWAVE The Imants ShockWave is a linear decompactor, designed to revitalize heavy wear areas by relieving soil compaction, improving aeration and remove surface water, all without disruption to the playing surface afterward. The Imants Rotoknife is a versatile linear, disc-aerator designed to relieve surface compaction, improve aeration, reducing thatch build up and removing surface water. The Rotoknife is fast across the surface, which makes this an ideal, versatile rootzone management tool for a variety of turfgrass managers on both warm and cool season grasses. The Imants Rotoknife can be set in any of five positions offering flexibility in working depth and linear spacing, allowing deep slicing to a depth of 12" or shallow slicing at 2" spacing. The Imants Mini Rotoknife offers the same great benefits of the Rotoknife in a compact lighter form factor. The disc rotor shaft can be set in 3 positions, giving flexibility allowing

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