August 2018

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www.spor 32 // August 2018 EFFECTIVE IRRIGATION SCHEDULING // By TROY LEEZY, CID, CWCM, CLIA H aving an effective irrigation schedule established is not only useful to help manage water and pumping costs, but also to help reduce disease, fertilizer use, runoff, and erosion. An effective schedule contributes to healthier turf and vibrant plants and groundcovers. The creation of irrigation schedules have matured in many ways from the old methods of arbitrary runtimes for spray and rotor zones, to utilizing full water audits, soil analysis, and daily, automatic sprinkler run time adjustment for evapotranspiration rates calculated by on-site weather stations. Among the variety of solutions for irrigation scheduling are "smart c o n t r o l l e r s " o f f e r e d b y m a n y manufactures that can help assist with daily irrigation scheduling adjustments. Smart controllers are irrigation controllers that have the ability to adjust the daily irrigation run times based on the weather conditions. These smart product offerings vary greatly in cost and complexity. Some manufacturers offer simple and cost-effective add-on weather sensors that provide true onsite weather data that may be compatible with existing fi eld controllers. Other more complex solutions

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