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www.spor 29 August 2018 // TURFCO.COM Call to discuss the equipment you need to keep your fields in top playing shape. 800-679- 8201 OVERSEEDERS Go green with the TriWave ® Series that delivers optimum seed-to-soil contact and maximum germination rates. TEAM UP WITH TURFCO MANUFACTURING, INC. 1655 101st Ave. NE Minneapolis, MN 55449-4420 TOLL FREE 800-679-8201 TOPDRESSERS WideSpin ™ and Mete-R-Matic ® spinner and drop-style models set the standards for productivity and ease of operation. DEBRIS BLOWER The NEW Torrent ™ 2 takes debris cleanup to a whole new level with unprecedented power, precision and control. was critical. The support we received from people all over the country in our industry was surreal; everyone also wanted to see this project succeed. "Our judgment to keep Kenan natural grass worked, allowing us to keep a safe and playable surface for the entire season. If at any point we felt that a synthetic fi eld would have been a better choice, we would have chosen that." "After completing the pre-season and 25 practices, it was fi nally game week; and time to replace the fi eld. The weather forced us to adjust our plans but, because of extensive preparation, the re-sod was installed without a hiccup. Carolina Green, Indian Trail, NC arrived on Wednesday after practice ended and began removing the turf. Working through the night, we laid the last roll on Thursday around 8 am. The grounds crew then began laying out stencils and painting. By 12:30 pm the fi eld was ready. It rained 1.25 inches on Friday, and the fi eld played perfect on Saturday. "After fi ve home games, we've only needed to sod 88,000 square feet, well under the 335,000 square feet we'd budgeted for after fi ve games. The weather has been unseasonably warm through October in Chapel Hill, and that played a huge factor in recovery time after practices/games. With two home games left, the sports turf crew work with the football staff each week to decide how the fi eld is holding up and what areas of the fi eld require attention. "It's vital to survey all possibilities and options. It may have been easier and less stressful to install an artifi cial fi eld. But, by not settling and taking the easy way out, we provided our student-athletes with a safe and playable surface, but we did it at a third of the cost," Carrick wrote. Carrick added in an email to us in mid-July, "Overall we thought the fi eld played great last year when you take into account all the traffi c and wear it had on it. We felt it was as good of a natural playing surface that we could have asked for. It held up great, and we ended up re-sodding less than we originally thought we would have to during the season. Our players and coaches were also pleased with the results each time we sodded. "Construction on the new practice facility is a little behind, so the team will be practicing in the stadium for the fi rst few weeks of this season. We plan to re-sod it again as needed until the new facility is completed." /ST/ "IF AT ANY POINT WE FELT THAT A SYNTHETIC FIELD WOULD HAVE BEEN A BETTER CHOICE, WE WOULD HAVE CHOSEN THAT." — Casey Carrick

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