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www.spor 42 // December 2017 try our best and fail then we also may achieve success by learning and gaining knowledge from the experience. So we will always be successful as long as we try to do our best." Chris Roozing, Utility Worker/Master Electrician. "To provide a safe playing field to limit injuries. Accomplish goals." Patrick Bellich, Utility Worker/Inspector "I try to push myself to be the best and do the best that I can everyday while learning and striving towards success." Travis Jacobson, Maintenance Worker I "To create a safe playing surface." Noah Windschitl, Maintenance Worker II What traits in a boss do you most appreciate? "Hard working, easy to work with, willing to help, provides cross training." Jody Yonke "Getting recognized for hard work and listening to your ideas." Noah Windschitl "We can appreciate a boss who can lead by example, who can admit to their own mistakes, show appreciation, recognize and encourage improvement, acknowledge their own shortcomings before criticizing, and encourage employees to try different solutions to problems." Chris Roozing "Understanding, respectful, good communication." Patrick Bellich "His ability to teach, train and lead the team to success." Travis Jacobson "Traits in my boss and supervisors that I most appreciate are: hardworking, honest, not afraid to break a sweat with you, and knowledgeable." Adam Niemczyk "Honest, straightforward, tough." Anthony Borja "One who appreciates and recognizes everyone's hard work." Lance Barber What sources do you use to keep up with changes in the industry, learn about new products or methods, etc.? "Attend seminars and conferences." Anthony Borja "Internet, email, conferences, STMA shows and my peers" Adam Niemczyk "Seminars, classes, Internet and expos." Jody Yonke "SportsTurf magazine, CSTMA newsletter, STMA conference and networking." Patrick Bellich "Conferences, "SportsTurf magazine." Noah Windschitl "Co-workers and management." Travis Jacobson "The best source I believe is have a discussion with people in the industry who have used the particular products or methods. Reviews are useful; seeing how professionals accomplish things. Acquiring feedback from the athletes." Chris Roozing If you could have any job in sports turf management what would it be? "Mower maintenance." Adam Niemczyk "Working at a stadium for the NFL." Anthony Borja "To work for an MLB or NFL team." Noah Windschitl

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