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Category of Submission: Professional Sporting Grounds Sports Turf Manager: (formerly) Noel Harryman Public Works staff (when available): Josh Bertrand, Gene Hazlett, Kevin Brown, Jody Yonke, Chris Roozing, Patrick Bellich, Noah Windschitl, & Eric Farrell Original construction: 2007 Recent renovations: A heat system was added to a portion of the fi eld and drainage along the south side of the fi eld was added and tied into existing sub drainage system. The heat system was added to help alleviate safety issues in one particular area that is usually completely frozen when the season and practices begin. Rootzone: 92% Sand 8%, other mix: 4% silt, 2% clay, 2% organic matter Turfgrass variety: Midnight, Awesome, Impact, Nu-Destiny Kentucky bluegrass (70%); Caddieshack, Accent, RPR ryegrass (30%) Overseed: Overseeding is done with Kentucky bluegrass. The pitch is overseeded four times a year (last week of March, fi rst week of May, middle of June, and the fi rst week of September). The fi rst three overseedings were done with 7#/1000 sq.ft. and the last overseeding was done with 10#/1000sqft. The seed mix this year was modifi ed because a couple of the varieties were getting harder to obtain. The new mix this year has been Midnight, Noble, Hampton, and New Destiny. For divot mix repair we use a 1:3:1 ratio pregerminated seed, USGA sand, and a mild fertilizer like Milorganite. Drainage: GraviTURF designed by Dan Almond of Millennium Sports. Using 4" ADS drainage pipe, located on 15' centers, set in pea gravel, 10" below surface. The Field of the Year Awards program is made possible by the support of sponsors Barenbrug USA, Carolina Green Corp., Ewing, Hunter Industries, and World Class Athletic Services. INFINITY PARK GLENDALE, CO www.spor 40 // December 2017

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