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www.spor 36 // December 2017 automatically closes when the belt is stopped. The spinner discs have been designed in a way that they will handle wet material extremely well. Redexim North America SOL-AER WINTER TURF BLANKET Made with a non-woven material, featuring a polypropylene core sheathed in polyethylene for superior strength/durability. This allows its seams to be fusion welded, not sewn like others, so panels can be moved and walked on without damage, and hand cut without fraying. Light, water and air can penetrate, but insects cannot burrow through. Provides superior day/ night insulation and frost protection. Promotes earlier, more rapid germination and green-up. Standard model topped with same proven, heat- absorbing silver lace coating as competitive Radiant product. Also available without coating for economy and with full Vipol wrapped edging with #4 grommets installed every 2½ feet all around. Standard and custom sizes available. Sold by the best sports turf dealers. SOL-Aer Turf Blankets are the best-ever winter turf protectors. Aer-Flo AIR2G2 The Air2G2 Soil C.P.R.™machine uses air injection technology to perform "Soil C.P.R." – a process that addresses Compaction, Porosity, and Respiration by fracturing hardpan layers and enabling airflow, without surface disruption. The Air2G2 uses three probes to laterally inject pressurized air up to 12-inches beneath the surface of the soil, comprehensively fracturing the compacted layers that form as a result of foot traffic, mechanical traffic, and nature's daily wear and tear. These laterally injected air blasts loosen up compacted soil immediately, but without any disruption to the surface of the turf. The Air2G2 Soil C.P.R. machine is designed to keep your turf breathing day after day, promoting gas exchange, better root growth, and rapid drainage. MACLEOD COVER BY COVERMASTER Rain or shine, the game must go on and so must the field preparation that happens before each game. At the StubHub Center in Carson, California, getting the field ready for Sunday Los Angeles Chargers football after a Saturday LA Galaxy soccer game is a must, despite the weather forecast. That's why it made sense for the stadium to invest in a MacLeod Cover from Covermaster, a semi-automated inflatable sports dome that shields the field with a lightweight, semi-translucent protective cover. Eighteen feet high at its tallest point and tapering to a few feet high along the sidelines, the inflatable football field cover allows the grounds crew to cut grass, paint field markings and do minor repairs between games, even in a downpour. Covermaster SYNGENTA HELPS SPORTS TURF CONDITION. PERFORM. RECOVER. Like successful athletes, turf must be conditioned to perform at its best and recover quickly from stress. Syngenta offers products like Acelepryn insecticide, Tenacity herbicide, Primo Maxx plant growth regulator as well as Velista, Heritage Action and Daconil Action fungicides to help turf become fit before the season, provide exceptional turf quality for players, and recover from stress. As you continue to see increased stress from insects, disease, heat, drought, aerification and traffic, choose the right products to keep your turf quality high and your players satisfied. Syngenta PIN-ON COUPLER FOR TURF PUSHERS Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution, Inc. announced that its Turf Pusher product line would now come standard with a pin-on coupler design. Both 6 and 8-foot Turf Pusher models now come with pin-on coupler that gives dealers and end users the ability to easily interchange coupler styles to adapt to different prime movers. Couplers for all compact machines (John Deere, Bobcat, Toro) including UTV's now available. The Turf Pusher, the first containment plow designed for clearing snow from turf sports fields was launched several years ago and says this design will give customers increased versatility by allowing them to swap out different coupler plates to adapt to the required prime mover. Customers simply remove several locking pins on the rear of the Turf Pusher and switch out the coupler plate. This feature replaces the previous fixed- coupler design that was welded to the Turf Pusher's chassis. Pro-Tech

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