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www.spor 23 December 2017 // in that it dispels the popular and accepted notion that people can excel at anything, if they try hard enough and have the right attitude. We have all heard this and have tried to heed it. The reality is that every person is one of a kind with a unique and powerful set of talents. We are not clones. While we can (and should) try anything we wish to, long-term success will elude us unless we have a basic talent for the endeavor. The elegance of taking a strengths-based approach to growth and development is that our greatest talents do more than make us unique individuals. They also serve as our greatest opportunities for excellence in that performance is the foundation of embracing a strengths-based approach. This is the case given that there are strong connections between who we are and what we do best and what people do best and how they feel. Ultimately how people feel impacts performance. A strengths-based approach is groundbreaking in that the key to success is to fully understand how to apply your greatest talents and strengths in your everyday life; not to identify your weaknesses and then working to make them strengths. This conventional approach of fi xing weaknesses is kin to trying to teach pigs to sing. All this does is waste your time and annoys the pig. Unfortunately, we offer singing lessons to pigs in all levels of education where students are expected to excel in all subjects rather than encouraged and allowed to fulfi ll the basic requirements and focus on their area of strengths. Businesses often take this same approach with their employees when it comes to growth and development and then wonder why employees are not engaged at work. Individuals and leaders that excel in the future will break from the mindset of fi xating on weaknesses in themselves and others and will focus on discovering their talents and invest in them to become strengths. This starts with knowing your top fi ve talents by completing the Clifton StrengthsFinder, a tool that is key to starting the journey of focusing on your strengths and managing your weaknesses. The StrengthsFinder is the code that cracks open your awareness of your unique talents. It is your access to excellence. People who know their talents and invest in them are three times as likely to report having an excellent quality of life and are six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs. Regardless the endeavor when you tap into the power and wisdom of this revolutionary approach of focusing on your strengths while managing your weakness you will be more efficient, act with more confidence, direction, and hope and will be more productive. There's nothing wrong with being aware of your weaknesses and managing them, but your greatest opportunity for success lies in building on your natural talents, not in fi xing your weaknesses. The whale is within you, so stop casting for winnows and focus on your strengths. /ST/ Phil Eason is President of PLG Leadership, a consulting practice that uses a strength- based approach to growth and development of individuals, leaders, managers and teams. Phil can be reached at 270.799.1256, phil.eason@gmail. com and followed on twitter at @plg. AERA-vator with New Power Seeder Shaft The New Power Seeder Shaft with its up and down vibration creates great seed to soil contact with minimal disruption is ideal for fairways and tees. WWW.1STPRODUCTS.COM 800-363-8780 Phil Eason

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