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www.spor 21 December 2017 // Needless to say, it is our opportunity to increase the interest to all students in the Catawba County School District as well as other surrounding counties that we could put them on a path that could be a very promising career. Most students that have registered for the courses to date are those that have an athletic background, agricultural background, or those that are looking for options to expand their options for the future. CVCC is proceeding with this endeavor as a pilot program for more schools to become involved in these classes and career fi eld. I will be director of the program and be able to demonstrate how things are done at all levels of play and the expectations that are required at all Major League Sports Levels. This is something that we want to grow and continue to be successful. Labs have been planned for the course. One such project is to construct a half fi eld for the high school baseball team so an extra area is provided so pitchers, catchers, and infi elders that would be identical to a MLB spring training facility. The project would be operated with real world situations and the students would be assigned a specifi c role on the project such as sports field designer, project superintendent, sod producer, grading contractor, irrigation contractor, electrical contractor, and project manager. Construction meetings would be conducted and a realistic schedule would be composed and followed as well as construction specifi cations. This would apply for all labs that are conducted during the course duration. Field trips would also be scheduled to professional athletic facilities, high profi le golf courses, and sod farms so all participants get fi rsthand experience in all operations within the career fi eld and different options the industry presents. We are blessed to have three facilities from all levels that are willing to allow this program to use as ongoing, fully operational sites for fi rsthand experience to all participants. I personally would like for CVCC to produce more world-class turf managers throughout the world in all turfgrass careers, but sports turf seems to have attracted a lot of students with consistent interest. It is of the utmost importance that we continue to grow and expand our programs within high schools so they continue on to CVCC to complete their A.A.S. degree and enter into the career fi eld as soon as possible. We feel that this program will give students unlimited potential and growth now and into the future. /ST/ Steve E. Peeler, CSFM, is Director of Horticulture and Turfgrass Management, CVCC Environmental Life Science. One area on high school campus where turf plots will be placed. The high school students will be renovating this softball field's infield.

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