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www.spor 16 // December 2017 In this experiment, the one-third rule reduced mowing requirements by 31% (a reduction of approximately 8 mowing events per year) compared to when turf was mown on a weekly basis; this reduction was obtained without an unacceptable reduction in turfgrass appearance. In addition to reducing labor, a lower mowing requirement reduces fuel use and thus decreases costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Root-growth stoppage can occur when between 40 and 50% or more foliage is removed. Considering that growth rates as fast as 0.5-inch per day were observed during this study (personal observation), grasses mown by the one-third rule at a height of 2.5 inches have the potential to move from one-third removal into the potentially root-stopping 40 to 50% removal range in 1 day. Thus, turfgrass managers should closely monitor turfgrass growth if they plan to mow based on a removal rule, especially during periods of active growth. Though the practice of returning grass clippings increased the number of mowing events by about two events annually, the increased leaf nitrogen content concentration as well as the increased soil carbon and nitrogen resulting from returning clippings are benefi ts that offset these additional mowing events. Additionally, returning grass clippings saves time compared to when clippings are collected and removed. As such, returning grass clippings should continue to be a recommended practice. Photograph of the experimental area at Purdue University's W.H. Daniel Turfgrass Research and Diagnostic Center. Reaching the industry professionals you want to reach! The OFFICIAL online directory: STMA Sourcebook is an online directory of manufacturers and distributors of equipment and supplies used by professional sports turf maintenance professionals, irrigation contractors, sports turf managers, professional grounds managers, custom chemical applicators, and other green industry professionals. ARE YOU LISTED? Go to, search for your company, review, update and own your listing. Not there? You should be! Get yourself signed up today. STMAsourcebookLISTED hh.indd 1 2/17/17 9:44 AM

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