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October 2017

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may be changed in less than a minute with the Leonardi Speed Wrench. Tomahawk teeth allow for cross-overs, and the reversible mounting blocks allow for installation from either side of the wheel. Tomahawks are available with regular carbide or hard carbide for sandy soils. MacKissic Merry Commercial stump cutter MacKissic's Merry Commercial stump cutter makes stump grinding easy. When working from the cutter-head end of the machine, the operator can see the stump and cutter head at all times. The ability to see the work in progress makes for faster and safer stump removal. A quick and easy flip of the handle to the engine end allows the operator to remove stumps in confined areas. The angled cutter head orientation and carbide cutter teeth provide smooth stump removal. The braking system stops the cutter head in less than three seconds. Morbark MXG50 track stump grinder An ideal unit for landscapers, stump-grinding contractors and rental stores, the Morbark MXG50 track stump grinder is equipped with a 35-hp. gasoline engine. The MXG50's compact size and power — combined with a 50-inch boom arc swing, maximum cutting height of 21.5 inches and maximum cutting depth of 16 inches — allow customers the ability to expand their current business or generate new business. The MXG50 has long boom technology, which maintains the full cutting arc regardless of depth. Other features of the MXG50 include a tip-out operator's station with 4-up fingertip controls, convenient electric clutch engagement, and turf-friendly 7-inch tracks, as well as an optional remote control system. TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT 46 Octobber 2017 Landscape and Irrigation 1.The Original AquaBeam 2.the ALL NEW 800.867.2108 | www. Now available in 2 great options: Adjustable AquaBeam MADE IN THE USA Both available in 5w or 10w 2700k, 3000k, or 5700k C464 Naval Brass & 316 Stainless Steel &

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