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October 2017

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36 October 2017 Landscape and Irrigation ENGINES AND EQUIPMENT BY DENNIS STEINHARDT O nly a select few individuals can buy a suit off the rack and have it fit perfectly without having to make adjustments. But when a suit fits perfectly, you know it, and others will likely take notice as well. The same is true for engines powering commercial equipment. When engineering new equipment, or repowering older models, choosing an engine within a reasonable horsepower range and bolting it in is not the best plan. Choosing engines that go through a rigorous testing process to ensure the engine perfectly matches the machine and its application will ensure the equipment can withstand the long days and heavy use of today's contractors while delivering strong ROI. In some cases, the process of integrating an engine into a new product design can take months — longer if design flaws need to be addressed — but, in the end, proper engine integration helps OEMs deliver better performing and more productive equipment. The engine integration process is most successful and offers the best results when done as a collaborative effort between the engine manufacturer and OEM. Rather than looking at the engine or equipment alone, they should be studied as a cohesive unit to adjust for noise, vibration, risk of overheating, ease of use and power. Savings can add up quickly for contractors when engine manufacturers take a comprehensive approach to engine integration, equipment optimization, performance, operator comfort and ease of maintenance. Improving Performance Through Engine Integration Rigorous installation and application testing leads to optimized equipment performance Application-specific engine testing results in better performing equipment for OEMs and enhanced ROI for contractors. ALL PHOTOS PROVIDED BY BRIGGS & STRATTON CORPORATION

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