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October 2017

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32 October 2017 Landscape and Irrigation TREE CARE BY BOB URBAN W hen it comes to safely performing tree work of any kind, best practices are essential. All too often, taking a closer look at how a given crew works and operates according to safety best practices and procedures is prompted by an accidental injury or even death. Beyond the human cost, the tree crew and the organization that has contracted them for work are both suddenly under significant pressure. Accidents may result in OSHA penalties, higher insurance rates, workers' compensation claims, the severing of contracts — and potentially more. These are all consequences that any tree care company and their crews would like to avoid. How do you ensure safety best practices are always being followed? A comprehensive series of safety audits and feedback reporting conducted by a third-party partner might be the answer. A comprehensive safety audit program can be invaluable for any tree care organization, even when it might appear that your crew is adhering to safety practices. These audits will provide a detailed, objective assessment of a crew or contractor's safety practices. Safety audits of your crew should be performed at random and be unanticipated by tree crews in order to get a real sense of how your crew is performing. The following audit areas are When It Comes to Safety, How Do Your Tree Crews Measure Up Against These Nine Audits? ALL PHOTOS PROVIDED BY ACRT, INC. Coordination, planning and documentation of job needs helps ensure everyone is on the same page. Practices like these can be incorporated into a safety auditing program.

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