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October 2017

Landscape and Irrigation is read by decision makers throughout the landscape and irrigation markets — including contractors, landscape architects, professional grounds managers, and irrigation and water mgmt companies and reaches the entire spetrum.

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Page 14 of 50 Landscape and Irrigation October 2017 15 PAIN IN THE PROFITS? PAIN IN THE PROFITS? Healthy profits are the heart of your business! Don't let weak profits endanger your business and financial security. haroldFOX LLC will teach you the following and more, to grow your profits and promote the health of your company. Get on a heart healthy business plan. Contact your business cardiologist today. Contact your business cardiologist today. 1-850-972-9301 1-850-972-9301 and more, to grow your profits and promote the health of your company. • Price every service, job or contract with confidence and profit • Go in the best direction by finding your high profit services & customers • Make more money with new or existing services & customers • Make more money with new or existing services & customers • Goal setting & planning to prepare you for a secure & profitable future • Understand ways to fund retirement beyond basic social security • Plan your profitable industry exit with DIY business sales assistance complaints. You can monitor the routes your employees are taking, including their stops and starts, with a fleet management solution. This tool can also help you to reroute your workers when faced with construction, road closures, and traffic accidents, quickly adjusting to better optimize driver time on the fly. 4. Simplified routing: Are your drivers taking the most efficient routes possible? When dispatching vehicles to multiple stops or service calls throughout the course of the day, you have the potential of losing revenue by not optimizing the route your vehicles follow. A fleet tracking solution can take all locations and stops in a vehicle's route and order them to create the shortest route. This means completing more jobs each day, ultimately increasing service revenue and driver productivity, while decreasing fuel costs. It allows you to make adjustments on the fly as circumstances change. 5. Increased productivity: As your business g row s , h a s j o b s c h e d u l i n g b e co m e a painstaking process? For example, if you provide service calls to fix irrigation systems that have gone dow n, a fleet tr acking solution with dispatching capabilities allows you to easily schedule jobs, dispatch them to your vehicles, and send messages to and from your workers in the field. This can increase productivity by providing daily itineraries and routes to drivers, while also increasing revenue by fitting more service requests into the workday. With a GPS-base d fle e t management solution, landscape business owners can leverage data to run their business more efficiently and effectively. Data can provide businesses with the answers they need — in real time or over a period of time — helping to streamline the work day by tracking dozens of key metrics that can save both time and money, two of the most precious resources for any business. Pankaj Sharma is VP of marketing for NexTraq, a provider of fleet tracking solutions. For more information visit

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