October 2017

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www.spor 43 was installed in 1999, and parts are becoming hard to come by. The hydraulic system was not adequately watering the infield skinned area, so we installed a new electric system to offset the gaps of the old system. Although this is not the perfect situation, we are making the two systems work until a new system for the outfield can be afforded. Another challenge we have faced over the years at "The Nest" has been the changes in base and walk up paths. Each year it seems the coaching staff changes their minds on whether they like skinned or grass base and walk up paths. This year they chose to go back to the grass walk up paths and skinned base paths. The previous coaching staff preferred the skinned walk up paths and grass base paths. The back and forth always presents a challenge over the summer and at the start of the season. The biggest challenge of the year has been the addition of three new facilities throughout the district. Manpower, resources, and time have been diverted away from the high school fields to the opening of a new middle school, elementary school, and aquatic center. We feel that we can overcome these challenges with education, prior experiences, and versatility. We have five employees who truly care about our facilities, athletes, and teams. We all bring different qualities and strengths to the team. Teamwork and the love of the profession is the right recipe for meeting these challenges and what makes our fields what they are today. Dr. Marc Sosne, Superintendent Dr. Marc Sosne, superintendent of the Clover (SC) School District, sent us these comments: "The Clover School District is unbelievably proud of our athletic fields, and that they have been recognized by STMA as the best in the nation over a 3-year period. Our student athletes deserve the best fields on which to play, and we couldn't be prouder that our efforts to provide those quality fields have been recognized. Further, our community sees our athletic facilities as sources of pride and see that their investment of tax dollars is being well spent. "Before attending my first STMA conference I had no idea of what to expect. All I knew was that our grounds staff was being honored for their hard work and accomplishments. What a surprise I had when I got to San Diego and saw the magnitude of the conference, and how impressed I was to see the importance of the schools, universities and communities represented. I couldn't have been more proud of our grounds crew and the great work they consistently perform year in and year out. The fact that our same crew has been honored three consecutive years for three different fields (football, baseball and softball) speaks to the outstanding job that each of them does. "The STMA Conference far exceeded any expectations that I had. Going to San Diego in 2016 and to Orlando in 2017 gave me the opportunity to learn more about the STMA and to gain a much better appreciation for the great job our crew does. It also gave me great assurance that the investments we make in our facilities and fields are worth every penny." October 2017 //

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