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www.spor 21 October 2017 // copy it to a group and import image. When it is printed the grid will be exactly an inch so I use an engineer ruler to convert to whatever distance that would fi t. I fi nd the total length of my text then center, and I start my tapes at the bottom and top, then use pin line spray chalk to mark the start and stops for each letter. I also will add other strings across for the letters that have an extra horizontal line to line up. Another trick I use is a series of 2-inch square tubing that slides in together make for longer addition. Then by lining up the sides of the letter I use a long extension on my aerosol holder and zip down the tube creating a straight line. It is best if you can have a helper on each end to quickly move to the next mark, of course! I also have developed a rolling disc that attaches to an airless extension and can quickly slide it along the tube speeding up the layout process. I also lay down bender boards on the end of the letter giving me a crisp edge without overspray. I usually edge all the letters fi rst, the fi ll them in. You can also to this method and paint the outline fi rst they use a contrasting color to fi ll in. One letter I have had problems with free handing is S, but going back to my old high school geometry (which I didn't learn from but rather a sign paint painter) was the eclipse formula. By intersecting two mid-way you can lay out the top and bottom of the S then freehand where they intersect, thus creating a very accurate letter. If for some reason your spacing doesn't come out balance you can always add a star or related image to make it look like you intended for that look! Dreaded typos Typos have been a recurring event for me as there is always someone that wants to stop by and chat during the layout process, thus causing me to lose focus and skip a letter! Remember the old Snickers commercial — "the Chefs"? To clean a mistake, if the paint is from liquid bulk quickly get the water on it and lightly scrub out the color! But most likely you had full confi dence in yourself and used inverted aerosol cans that won't remove with water. Everyone says to use green paint, but I have yet to see one that can match the particular color of grass you are working with. If the mistake isn't too big I use a sod repair tool much like a cup cutter and go to an area away from the fi eld and cut plugs and replace them in the misprinted area. In a pinch you can even throw grass clippings over the area as well. And if that person comes around while you're painting you might want to threaten to paint a white outline around them! This method can also be use for text on the fi eld promoting an event. If not too big and you need to have other ones or use for next year, do the same process on a poly tarp with eyelets and cut out the half moons. /ST/

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