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www.spor 11 October 2017 // Celebration ® Bermudagrass offers exceptional performance across a wide spectrum of applications. It has a striking blue-green color, soft texture and tolerates drought and cold well. Celebration also features a higher degree of shade tolerance, while requiring less fertilization and water. Better Fields. Rooted in Success. S o d S o l u t i o n s . c o m / S p o r t s A turfgrass variety by G r o w i n g Z o n e 07-0016-0717 metal dragging it and the drag will not become clogged with wet material. We will typically make one pass with the stiff metal drag by hand rather than dragging with the groomer immediately so that it doesn't compress loose material in tire tracks. We'll then use a stiff metal drag with a weight on top to drag two to three directions. This will completely break down any clumps worked up while nail dragging. It should also create an absolutely smooth surface on the infi eld. After using the stiff metal drag on the groomer, we will then come back in with either the aluminum lute rake or the stiff metal drag and pull conditioner as evenly as possible. This will once again eliminate any ridges left behind by the drag on the groomer. If there are areas where the conditioner is thin, it is at this point that we will add more conditioner to achieve our desired amount. I tend to go with a slightly thinner layer of conditioner than many groundskeepers, still giving the player slight contact with the infi eld dirt without having it 100% covered. This year, we have transitioned into having 100% of our infi eld conditioner being red professional ProSlide. There

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