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October 2, 2017

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NEWS www.PowersportsBusiness.com Powersports Business • October 2, 2017 • 5 and Rallye D'Atlas races. Smith became famous off the racetrack in 1971, when he was featured in the popular motorcycle racing documentary "On Any Sunday." Smith recalled, "My schoolteacher mother never went to a race or told anyone that I rode motorcycles, and then Bruce Brown's 'On Any Sunday' came out, and it was 'My son, the motorcycle racer.'" Smith was inducted into the American Motorcyclist Association Hall of Fame in 1998. After decades upon decades of racing, Smith has gathered an array of racing memorabilia, some of which is now on display at the updated Malcolm Smith Museum on the mezzanine level of the dealership. "My family always tells me what a hoarder I am. I have barns and garages and containers full of stuff. They always say, 'Why don't you throw that stuff away,' until they need a bracket and need to build something, then it's OK," Smith said. "If I hadn't hoarded all that stuff, guys, we wouldn't have much of a display over there, would we?" Front and center in the museum is a 1953 Lambretta 125 scooter, the same model Smith first rode in 1954. Alexander found the muse- um's model on the internet, bought it and worked with his father to get it running. Throughout the museum, guests can also see more than a dozen of Malcolm's race bikes, trophies, racing gear and other memorabilia. ONE OF A KIND Before taking the ribbon off the entrance to the museum, Malcolm Smith was honored with speeches from Alexander Smith, Kenny Jones and Tom White. Jones talked about how he first met Mal- colm Smith after stealing some bikes from the dealership with a group of his friends, when he was a rebellious kid. Later, after Jones had straightened up his life, he bought his own Husqvarna and became a loyal customer of Malcolm Smith Motorsports. In fact, Smith offered him a job in the service department. Jones is now a well-known photographer in the industry. "It's not a story about me, more how things turned around, and I met this man that has so much forgiveness, I can't believe it," Jones said. Tom White, founder of The Early Years of Motocross Museum, recalled a time when he was tasked with curating a Malcolm Smith exhibit at a different museum and was able to go through Malcolm Smith's memorabilia with Smith himself. "Through the whole process, I got to know what a humble man he is, what a passionate, caring guy he is, and I got to hear some great stories," White said. MALCOLM SMITH CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4 Old engines, gas tanks and other motorcycle parts graced the centerpieces of the dinner tables at the Malcolm Smith Motorsports 50th anniversary gala. See Malcolm Smith, Page 10 More than a dozen motorcycles are featured in the updated Malcolm Smith museum. Photos by Liz Keener/Powersports Business

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