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September 2017

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Page 22 of 35 Landscape and Irrigation September 2017 23 running this one zone with these two nozzles for 20 minutes. What happens? Some spots will get about half an inch applied, and other spots will get just over a tenth of an inch. This uneven coverage won't lead to the desired results — grass might look great in some areas, dead in some, and just plain muddy or flooded in others. Instead, when switching from spray to rotary nozzles, be sure to change out the entire zone, ensuring better results and a more water-efficient system. Challenge 2: Reducing runoff The house at the top of the hill always has water running from their sloped lawn, across the sidewalk and down the street after every irrigation cycle. You've calculated and recalculated the runtimes and the application rates, but there's still water puddling at the bottom of that hill. What else can you do to reduce this runoff, and water their yard more efficiently? Solution: Runoff is a big problem for many irrigation techs when faced with a scenario like this one, with an elevation change on the system. It happens when water gathers at the lowest points of the pipes while the system is off. It can lead to maintenance problems, wasted water and even higher bills for your client. But there is a way to reduce these problems, and help your client achieve their goal of saving money and water! "Without check valves, the water just drains down," Borneman said. But check valves help to contain unpressurized water within the lateral lines, reducing the runoff that your client has seen. Check valves can be found in drip irrigation or installed on sprinkler systems. Challenge 3: Educating end users Homeowners often don't know all the ins and outs of their irrigation system. They're relying on you to know how to install, program and use their system for optimal watering to ensure healthy plants and an overall beautiful landscape. Homeowners also rely on you to teach them what they need and why they need it. Solution: "A lot of times, end users have a tendency to let the price become a determining factor in how they run their irrigation," said Raul Gonzalez, vice president of industry relations for Ewing. • DURABLE POWDER COAT • STAYS IN PLACE FOR YEARS • EASY TO SHAPE AND INSTALL! • LONG LASTING SOLUTION TO RETAIN MULCH, ROCK AND STONE © 2017 COLLIER METAL SPECIALTIES LTD. This logo is vector and coverted to CMYK from Pantone 113 yelo & Pantone 567 Green COLORS: Green, Brown & Black Galvanized or Unpainted Available Visit Us at GIE Booth #24001 LANDSCAPE & IRRGATION_SEPT_EDGING.indd 1 8/17/17 12:52 PM

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