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September 2017

Landscape and Irrigation is read by decision makers throughout the landscape and irrigation markets — including contractors, landscape architects, professional grounds managers, and irrigation and water mgmt companies and reaches the entire spetrum.

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Page 20 of 35 Landscape and Irrigation September 2017 21 a service or duty, or that they failed to do something that should have been done in performing a service or duty. E&O coverage is especially important for professionals such as landscape designers and landscape architects. Data compromise As technology is an ever-present piece of daily business, data compromise coverage is crucial for any business that stores customer data in any way. This endorsement covers the response and defense liability for lawsuits and damages resulting from the loss, theft or accidental release of personal information. Response expenses can include notifying affected individuals, forensic IT review, legal review, and public relations services. Defense liability covers defense and settlement costs if an affected client files a lawsuit against the company. Running a business is complicated, but business insurance should be simple. Although a BOP allows almost endless possibilities and coverage combinations, navigating the options doesn't have to be difficult. An experienced insurance provider can help an owner build the customized policy that is right for their unique situation. With the addition of big data and predictive analytics, some insurance companies like biBERK offer business owners quotes in minutes after answering just a handful of questions online or over the phone — so that business owners can have peace of mind knowing that their business, in all its unique risks, is safely protected. R a k e s h G u p t a i s t h e c h i e f operating officer at biBERK, part o f Wa r re n B u f f e t t's B e r k s h i re Hathaway company, specializing in commercial insurance for small businesses. In his role, Gupta is spearheading efforts to use predictive a n a l y t i c s , b i g d a t a a n d o t h e r technology innovations to simplify the insur ance-buy ing pro cess. His 25-plus years of leadership in technology services have paved the way for major breakthroughs in the travel, media and transportation industries. Gupta holds a dual M.S. in computer science and operations research from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina, and an MBA from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. 1.The Original AquaBeam 2.the ALL NEW 800.867.2108 | www. Now available in 2 great options: Adjustable AquaBeam MADE IN THE USA Both available in 5w or 10w 2700k, 3000k, or 5700k C464 Naval Brass & 316 Stainless Steel & 800.452.7017 • Most Trusted Traveling Irrigation Systems Since 1964 Most Trusted Traveling Irrigation Systems A Kifco Water-Reel allows you to irrigate multiple locations with a single machine. ey operate unattended and shut down auto- matically. Perfect solution for irregular shaped land- scapes. No in-ground sprinkler heads to repair or winterize. 800.452.7017

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