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Sept 4, 2017

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MOTORCYCLE www.PowersportsBusiness.com Powersports Business • September 4, 2017 • 49 electric throttle to help them ride despite any knee pain or medical issues that would pre- vent them from powering the bike using the pedals only. "It really depends on A) If you're market- ing it correctly, and B) Where you're located," Perske explained. "A lot of college towns are selling to the college kids where maybe there's a parking situation; it takes up less space. And a lot of guys in the more rural-type areas, they're attracting the older crowd. So it's really interesting to see that wider demo- graphic it appeals to." Bintelli dealers have also seen some families buy more than one, so they can ride together. "There are a lot of the dealers who have sold a single e-bike to a father or mother. They usually come back a few days later, and once they've had their toy basically, and they're showing it off to the family, they come back, and they're buying it for their sons, their daughters, their spouse," Perske said. "They're really getting the whole family in on it. And for a lot of these deal- ers, seeing that repeat business within a week of that first sale, that's a big deal for a lot of these guys, if you can sell four or five different prod- ucts for the whole family. You don't see that too much on the scooter side or the golf car side." Customers are also able to invest in more than one Bintelli e-bike, as the prices are much lower than others on the market, which can run from a few thousand dollars to several thousand dollars each. DEALER PROGRAM Bintelli added e-bikes to its lineup to help dealers sell more product and improve their businesses. "If it helps them out to move an extra five or 10 e-bikes a month, as you can imagine, put an extra $2,500-$5,000 in your pocket in the bottom line, it's always a good thing for these guys, especially the smaller dealer- ships," Perske said. Bintelli is offering dealers 100 percent mar- gin on the e-bikes. The program also offers a free economy bicycle for a dealer's inventory with every 10 bikes they order. And Bintelli has launched an online pass-through program in which 100 percent of the margin on each bike sold online is passed along to the closest dealer to the buyer. Now that Bintelli has a stock of the e-bikes at its South Carolina operations, the company is looking to add dealers to its network. It's expanding beyond Bintelli dealers and inviting other retailers to add the vehicles. Perske said dealers can buy into the Bintelli Bicycles program — and protect their exclusive territories — for a couple thousand dollars. Bintelli bikes can be floored through Wells Fargo Commercial Distribution Finance or Northpoint Commercial Finance. "It doesn't take much to really get your foot into the door with us, and I think ease of access for a lot of these dealers who may not have a lot of their funds liquid right now, this is easier for them," Perske said. He added that the bikes don't take up much in terms of showroom space, and some dealers have even hung them on the wall to display them, simply to get them off the floor. In its first spring and summer with e-bikes, Perkse reports that Bintelli Bicycles has fared well, and there are no signs that the business is slowing down any time soon. "We had a number internally that we wanted to hit this year, and once we realized the reception that we had at the dealer summit, we knew we were going to blow that out of the water, so we had to readjust our goals a little bit," he said. "We're very pleased at the way that it's going, obviously. I think the e-bikes in gen- eral, as far as a market trend, is really emerging; there are a lot of guys who are still entering it. So we picked a good time to come in, obviously with the dealer network that we already estab- lished. That usually helps as far as the entry into the market. But we're super, super pleased with how it's working so far." PSB BINTELLI CONTINUED FROM PAGE 48 Using the throttle on the right grip of the handlebar, Bintelli Bicycle riders can ride at up to 20 mph on electric power. Photos by Liz Keener/ Powersports business Bintelli's e-bikes offer cadence-sensing pedal assist.

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