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SportsTurf provides current, practical and technical content on issues relevant to sports turf managers, including facilities managers. Most readers are athletic field managers from the professional level through parks and recreation, universities.

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6 // August 2017 FROM THE SIDELINES www.spor EPG Media & Specialty Information 10405 6th Ave. N., Ste 210 Plymouth, MN 55441 The Official Publication Of The Sports Turf Managers Association SALES REPRESENTATIVES Chris Pelikan Senior Account Manager - East Phone: (763) 383-4408 Peggy Tupper Senior Account Manager - Midwest Phone: (763) 383-4429 Leslie Palmer Senior Account Manager - West Phone: (763) 383-4460 EDITORIAL Group Publisher: David Voll Editorial Director: Eric Schroder Technical Editor: Dr. Joey Young Managing Art Director: Dodi Vessels Associate Art Director: Phil Tippin Production Manager: Angela Scott SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES Phone: (847) 763-9565 REPRINTS Wright's Media Wyndell Hamilton ((218) 419-5725, ext. 152 DIRECT MAIL LIST SALES MeritDirect, Jim Scova Phone: (914) 368-1012 // August 2017 MANY THANKS TO EPG MEDIA'S managing art director, Dodi Vessels, for redesigning the magazine's look, with an assist from fellow EPG artist Becca Hudson. And thanks to the STMA's Editorial Committee for their feedback in the process. We got what we wanted—mod- ern, simple and clean. Now it's up to SportsTurf's new art director, Phil Tippin, to continue to produce pleasing and readable pages, as you'll fi nd in this, his debut issue. Unfortunately nothing could be done to improve the look of the photo subject on this page . . . Buying intentions I don't often enough give a shout out to our advertisers, both print and online, without which there would be no magazine. If a company advertises here they know they are reaching a lot of turfsters who make buying decisions. Recently we surveyed readers on buying intentions over the next 12 months; here are some percentages from the results (thanks to all who responded your time much appreciated): 80% of respondents said price was the #1 factor infl uencing purchases, followed by 77% citing both prior experience with a brand and "quality." Only 30% said warranties were a factor. Another interesting result: 24% plan to spend $50,000 to $100K on equipment and supplies this year; 22% said $10,000-$25K; 17% said less than $10,000; and 15% said $100,000-$250K. Battery-powered equipment: 75% still report they'll pass but 25% said they planned on buying such equipment. Here are some numbers showing the percentage of respondents who plan to buy these products in the next year: Thirteen percent said they didn't plan on buying anything. Yikes! More than half of respondents (56%) said they plan on renovating an existing fi eld this coming year, 25% plan on installing a new irrigation system, and 21% plan on installing new drainage. Personal note This month my oldest son will be heading to college. I won't say, "It seems like yesterday" when he was born because 18 years, pre-9/11, feels like a very long time ago to me. I made fathering mistakes along the way but he survived them and now it seems my work in that regard is mostly done. I hope we'll still have meaningful conversations while shooting baskets in the driveway or on the golf course, and some laughs as time passes, but his future is now up to him. Best of luck, Max, your mother and siblings and I love you. /ST/ Our fresh new look Eric Schroder / Editorial Director / / 763-383-4458 84% fertilizer 72% fi eld paint 71% herbicides/pesticides 61% pop-up sprinklers 51% soil amendments 46% pipes & fi ttings 41% valves 40% sprinkler accessories 38% riding mowers 35% drag mats 33% utility vehicles

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