August 2017

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www.spor 39 August 2017 // with high strength and high performance steel drive components for longer life in a demanding environment. Jacobsen Advantage heavy-duty aerator ADVANTAGE heavy-duty aerator is a best buy for your turf main- tenance equipment fl eet. These rugged turf aerators will handle a large percentage of the workload of a deep tine aerator for much less money and do the job in less time. Whether you prefer cor- ing aeration or slicing aeration, this Advantage aerator will suit your needs. Standard features include steel "chisel point sports" tines, 7.5 cut x 3/8 inches thick; four tines per wheel; tine wheels on 6-inch centers; steel 3-point hitch frame has both Cat I and Cat II hitches. Options include: fi ne tine 6.3 cut x ¼ inches thick; fracturing tine 8.5 long x ½-inch thick; coring spoons; smoothing roller (6-inch diameter allows easy depth control); tine wheel spac- ing on 4-inch centers vs. standard 6 inch; and hydraulic wheel kit. TurfTime Equipment Air2G2 air injection machine The Air2G2 air injection machine revolutionizes the way sports turf managers think about conventional aeration practices. Air2G2 uses probes to laterally inject air into the root zone to fracture compacted soil and create pore space for root growth and gas exchange. Fields instantly show evidence of compaction relief and better percola- tion for faster drainage after rain events. Air injection with Air2G2 leaves fi elds immediately ready for play, even in between games. With regular use, Air2G2's air injection transforms fi eld manage- ment practices; when the Air2G2 is included in regular turf mainte- nance schedules, compaction along sidelines, goalmouths and other high-traffi c areas is signifi cantly reduced. Turf can be treated at any time, rain or shine, for a fi eld that's ready for action when it is needed most. Air is everything to anything that lives, and for sports turf, the Air2G2 is a breath of fresh air. Air2G2 Exmark 30-inch stand-on aerator The Exmark 30-inch stand-on aerator features a split-tine design to allow easy turning with tines engaged, and zero-turn agility with the tines up. The compact design heightens maneuverability while the 30-inch aer- ation width and 7.5-mph top speed deliver productivity of up to 1.7 acres per hour. Mass is centralized over the 48 coring tines for maximum core depth consistency, which is adjustable from 2 to 5 inches. The self-cleaning tines are easy-to-re- place. Hydrauli- Improve aeration & remove surface water with the Imants Shockwave Distributed throughout North America by Aqua.Aid or email RELIEVE COMPACTION imants ™ c Perfecting Play Shockwave

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