August 2017

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www.spor 38 // August 2017 seat. These units penetrate 9 inches into the soil, and our patented parallelogram action give you a true forced heave to the tines, thus producing the shattering effect and relieving compaction leaving the surface ready for play. No parallelogram means no forced heave. Redexim North America Imants ShockWave The Imants ShockWave is a linear decompactor, designed to revi- talize heavy wear areas by relieving soil compaction, improving aer- ation and removing surface water. Reputed to be the world's fastest PTO-driven rotary, linear decompactor, the ShockWave is the ideal maintenance tool for natural turf sports pitches because of the lack of disruption to the playing surface after use. Fine turf on sports fi eld in general can be immediately brought back into play. Successfully used across Europe and Asia, the Imants ShockWave (by Campey Imants and distributed throughout North America by Aqua-Aid) is now making waves of its own in America. US Sports turf manage- ment company, St Johns Turf Care, has enlisted the ShockWave for use across the seven different sports facilities they maintain. "This machine does everything that we need in opening up the soil and allowing it to breath, but also allowing it to be played on immedi- ately after it has completed its run," owner of St Johns Turf Care, Jeff Pilcher said. Campey Turf turfslicer from g2turftools The turfslicer is a patented device that is installed on the g2 turftools turffl oat or the brand new mini turfroller. When installed on the turf- fl oat, the turfslicer provides an easy and effective way to grind up and redistribute aerifi cation cores to low areas. The 1/8-inch stainless steel blades have been proven effective in redistributing cores with as little as two passes, which eliminates harvesting or repeated dragging to remove cores. When using with the mini turfroller, the turfslicer penetrates thatch area to provide much needed air space while re- planting existing stolons to promote healthier, thicker turf. It is also effective when seeding or sprigging to ensure adequate soil contact. The turfslicer can be adjusted to a depth of 1.5 inches on either the turffl oat or the mini turfroller for maximum slicing of turf or sprigs. G2turftools Jake's new GA600 aerator The all-new GA600 deep tine aerator delivers unmatched hole quality over level and undulated surfaces, using the PerfectStrike tine head motion. The patented PerfectStrike tine head motion and pivot point height minimizes travel angle, which ensures tines enter and exit the turf vertically creating a truly straight hole. When equipped with the AerStrike 4-tine attachment system, the GA600 deep tine aerator serves as the industry's only aerator that performs deep and shallow aeration in a single pass. This system increases productivity and maintains healthier turf. The GA600 is a heavy- duty design built to withstand the harshest conditions, assembled

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