August 2017

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www.spor 36 // August 2017 DryJect, franchise-based aeration DryJect, LLC, focuses on specialized turf aeration and soil modifi - cation services. DryJect has over 35 North American and international franchise based service centers. DryJect proprietary equipment features the only proven technology of its kind. High-pressure water penetrates the rootzone, and dry amendments including sand/peat mixtures, inorganic soil amendments and more are injected into the aeration holes. Benefi ts are speed, labor savings, and increased profi tability for golf courses, which rely on high quality putting surfaces to optimize revenue. With DryJect, turf managers can aerate, amend, and back- fi ll the holes in 1 day with time to spare! DryJect aeration is very effective and is a viable alternative to core aeration. DryJect TurnAer XT8 Turfco's TurnAer XT8 stand-on aerator is designed for turf care pro- fessionals who want increased productivity and reduced downtime. With an aeration speed up to 7 mph, the XT8 can cover more than two acres in an hour. It can easily handle residential, commercial and sports turf with its raised ground clearance, zero-turn agility, and 30- inch aerating width that fi ts through a 48-inch gate. Patent-pending Auto-Depth Control allows operators to set a tine depth that re- mains consistent across a property regardless of turf conditions. The rugged reliability of the XT8 minimizes downtime by using covered drive chains outside the aeration area and using sealed, self-aligning bearings near the aeration area. Easily accessed chain tensioners and tines keep maintenance simple. Equipped with a 22-hp engine with a cyclonic air cleaner, the XT8 has the power to take on any terrain. Standing platform suspension decreases vibration and shock, reduc- ing operator fatigue and increasing comfort. Turfco Toro ProCore 1298 aerator The Toro ProCore 1298 features proven coring head technology from the very successful ProCore 648 combined with improved ro- bust platform, results in the most productive and durable large area aerators available today. With an aerating depth of 4.5 inches and an aerating width of 98 inches, the ProCore 1298 is both effi cient and versatile, and can handle very large-scale aerating applications. The ProCore 1298 features 12 tine heads, and a simple depth control mechanism, making set up for your exact aeration needs fast and easy. Additionally, the Kevlar-reinforced belt drives and oversized gearbox contribute to an incredibly rugged and durable aerator. The Toro Company The Bullet, a new Verti-Drain Introducing "The Bullet" by Redexim North America. This new Verti-Drain has working speeds near 4 mph for the highest per- formance in its fi eld. The Bullet has working widths of 64 and 83 inches and is the most productive Verti-Drain ever built. It is heavier built than other high-speed aerators, yet it can be used with trac- tors starting from 45 hp and up. Both models are low maintenance with sealed bearings on most pivot points, a single-speed gearbox and optional hydraulic depth adjustments made from the tractor Aerators for sports turf

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