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www.spor 33 August 2017 // the grass also, it has multiple overhangs on both sides and one directly over the south end goal area, the grass only receives a fraction of sunlight needed to grow turf. The challenge with that is trying to keep the goals playing the same. The shaded area will only receive hand watering and extra seed with no sand. By doing this I fi nd I can keep the goal until after August. Overall the pitch is ok to manage. I fi nd 2 games a week and 7 days off and it is ready to go again, it's when 3-4 games in a week is when it gets tough. Considering this is the end of my second season managing a sport fi eld and the pitch is still green and so for me it has been a good year, there are no complaints. I often tell myself I should have done this years ago and what a fun ride this has been. I fi nd the 35 years working on a golf has come in handy except for the bigger spikes, big plastic pieces, semi-trucks and thousands of peo- ple seeing what you do, it is mostly related to taking care of a golf course, almost. Being considered for Field of the Year would be a feather in anyone's hat but for us it would confi rm the hard work, commitment and shows just what two guys can do. SportsTurf: What are your biggest challenges in providing excellent playing surfaces? And how do you approach those challenges? WHITE: The biggest challenge is to try to fi t all the events in on the main pitch. This year there will be 60 plus professional matches and practices between both teams. One thing that helps is a large calendar white board in my offi ce. All the events on the main pitch are put down alongside the applications of product used for each day. I can always look ahead and see what needs to be done. This also helps with other events that may pop up during the year. ST: What changes if any are you considering or implementing for the winning fi eld in 2017? WHITE: Overall things have not changed much I still do things on the fl y. A small change I plan to do this year is to mix up the size of tines used for the year; I need to change it up for the con- dition of the pitch. I plan to use the SubAir system more often through the day and plan to topdress a little more often. ST: What's the greatest pleasure you derive from your job? What's the biggest headache? WHITE: Work on a sports fi eld it is different week to week and that makes it fun, as is meeting new people and always trying to make the pitch better. The biggest headache is when the fi rst team wants to use the main pitch for practice and only gives a 24-hour heads up. ST: What's the best piece of turf management advice you have ever received? WHITE: Do not over pump it, it is just grass. You can grow it, re- sod it, seed it and try to control it but at the end of the day Mother Nature always wins. ST: Are you yet involved in "sustainable" management practices? If so, what are you doing? WHITE: Each year I will take three soil tests. I will base my TOYOTA PARK

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