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www.spor 29 August 2017 // Under the ground is a swing joint that connects the sprinkler to the pipe, providing a fl exible "elbow." Electric valves are the station, which control a group of sprinkler heads. The valve opens when "energized" or is turned on. Water fl ows through the valve, which closes when de-energized. Taylor said the principle is called "hydraulic advantage." When one en- ergizes a sprinkler, he is energizing a magnet that pulls a plunger, allowing water to fl ow. He said he recommends the use of pressure-regulating valves when putting in a sports fi eld, adding there will be varying pres- sures realized depending on how far the water is from its source. "Sprinklers work optimally at certain pressure settings, and the electric valve will help to achieve that." One of the "Achilles' heels" of the electric valve, Taylor said, is that dirty water can plug up its small ports. Most elec- tric valves today are made of plastic, but brass models are still available. If valves are to be placed inside a building, he recom- mended brass be used because "a heck of a mess" will be the result of plastic splitting. Quick couplings are an ideal addition to have in a system, Taylor said. They are well suited to hand watering and for both season startup and blowout because they are on the main line, making it easier to fl ush water out of a larger-diameter outlet than through the much smaller orifi ce of a nozzle. HGT ® was developed in harsh climatic conditions, specifically to withstand disease, pests and traffic. Extensive testing in various climates and conditions has proven HGT a winner. No other Kentucky bluegrass has been found to outperform HGT. Better Fields. Rooted in Success ® S o d S o l u t i o n s . c o m / H G T 14-0005-0717

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