August 2017

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POLYON ® , XCU ® and UFLEXX ® are registered trademarks of Koch Agronomic Services, LLC. in the United States and may be registered in other jurisdictions. Koch and the Koch logo are trademarks of Koch Industries, Inc. ©2017 Koch Agronomic Services, LLC. T&O-17-12477 UFLEXX ® Stabilized Nitrogen Up to 8 weeks XCU ® Slow-release fertilizer Up to 10 weeks POLYON ® Controlled-release fertilizer Up to 8-22 weeks E N H A N C E D E F F I C I E N C Y F E R T I L I Z E R S F O R S P O R T S T U R F Bags of blended fertilizer can contain up to 50% fi ller, which adds little to no nutritional value. By selecting a higher nutrient analysis, you can decrease the amount needed to cover the same ground compared to bags containing less. You're probably thinking, "Won't that cost more?" You might be surprised. Visit to watch our "What's in the Bag?" video and see how you can actually save money by reducing fi ller and the number of bags you buy. WHAT'S IN THE BAG? You need to know. ENHANCED EFFICIENCY FERTILIZERS UREA POTASSIUM FILLER The more fi ller in the bag, the more bags you must buy and apply. 16-0-8 50 LB BAG T H E P O W E R T O M A K E T H I N G S G R O W

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