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July 2017

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40 JULY 2017 OUTDOOR POWER EQUIPMENT www.outdoorpowerequipment.com TURF RENOVATORS (AERATORS, DETHATCHERS, SEEDERS & TOPDRESSERS) EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY FOCUS STIHL YARD BOSS LAWN AERATOR AND DETHATCHER ATTACHMENTS Stihl Yard Boss is a gardening multi-task tool system that features a universal power train and accepts a wide range of attachments such as: Stihl Yard Boss RL-MM lawn aerator attachment: Made for the Stihl Yard Boss yard care system, the Stihl Yard Boss RL-MM lawn aerator attachment creates a series of slits into the soil of the lawn to allow air, moisture, fertilizers and other nutrients to get to the roots. Stihl Yard Boss MF-MM dethatcher attachment: Part of the Stihl Yard Boss yard care system, the Stihl Yard Boss MF-MM lawn dethatcher attachment picks up what nature leaves behind, grabbing dead grass and other accumulated materials directly from the top of the soil. Like a vacuum cleaner for grass, this attachment cleans up lawns, allowing in more sunlight and nutrients. Stihl Inc. TORO 30-INCH STAND-ON AERATOR Toro 30-inch stand-on aerator combines heavy-duty commercial durability with features that make any aeration job easier. Boasting exceptional maneuverability and mower-inspired controls, the 30-inch stand-on aerator is ideal for virtually any aeration application, large or small. With ground speeds of up to 7.5 miles per hour and the ability to adjust plug length on the fly, this unit helps increase productivity without sacrificing quality. The 30- inch stand-on aerator also features an ergonomic foot pedal that raises and lowers tines easily. Additionally, the 30-inch stand-on aerator was designed with the operator in mind. The floating operator platform isolates vibrations, reducing operator fatigue and ultimately increasing jobsite productivity. The Toro Co. TURF TEQ POWER RAKE The Turf Teq power rake is an ideal tool for turf renovation and all types of seedbed preparation. The unit boasts a 36-inch-wide drum, and the pivot angle of the drum can be adjusted to the left or right from the operator's position. Other features of the power rake include a hydrostatic transmission, 13-hp. Honda engine and on-the-go differential lock. Turf Teq, LLC TURFCO TURNAER XT8 Turfco's TurnAer XT8 stand-on aerator is designed for turf care professionals who want to increase productivity and reduce downtime. With an aeration speed up to 7 mph, the XT8 can cover more than 2 acres in 1 hour. It can easily handle residential, commercial and sports turf with its raised ground clearance, zero-turn agility, and 30-inch aerating width to comfortably fit through a 48-inch gate opening. The patent-pending Auto-Depth Control allows operators to set a tine depth that is consistent across a property, regardless of turf conditions. The rugged reliability of the XT8 minimizes downtime by using covered drive chains outside the aeration area and sealed, self- aligning bearings near the aeration area. Chain tensioners are easily accessible, and a standing platform can be locked in the raised position for easy tine maintenance. Equipped with a 22-hp. engine with a cyclonic air cleaner, the XT8 has the power to take on any terrain. Standing platform suspension reduces vibration and shock for reduced operator fatigue and increased comfort. Turfco Mfg., Inc.

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