June 2017

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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE June 2017 | SportsTurf 7 W hat we have all been waiting for—summer! At least I hope you have been waiting for summer. For me at Iowa State University, it's almost entirely maintenance and preparations for fall. If I had to pick a time of year when I find the most pleasure in working on the fields, it is right now, with that ever-impossible goal of reaching perfection before play begins in August. Sure, we have camps and other miscellaneous events, but nothing that rivals the demands that our teams place on the fields or the expectations that my crew and I strive to deliver. Recently I have had many reminders that life is constantly changing. I have the privilege to work with many college students in my role at Iowa State. I get to see them when they start in this industry and when they leave the University to begin their careers. Most of the students have changed from the first time I have met them into someone who is completely different. I have the opportunity to see each of them mature in who they are as a person and who they are as a professional. I get the front seat to see "change" as they begin to start their adult life. My favorite part is when we get to share life's struggles together and learn from each other, while striving to be better tomorrow than we are today. I am also living through some change with whom I call my "boss." Many of you know Mike Andresen, CSFM, and if you do not, you should seek him out to get to know him at our next Conference and Trade show in Fort Worth. Mike hired me at Iowa State more than 7 years ago to take over the management of the athletic fields so he could do his new role of overseeing our athletic facilities. Mike is one of the most thoughtful, caring, and sincere people I know. He is a person who is respected by every department on this campus. I am excited for what is next for Mike, but am not excited that I am losing a great boss. Mike was far more than my boss; he has turned into a great friend who has helped me in so many ways. The word "mentor" is the best way to describe Mike in my life, and I thank him for what he has done for me. To embrace change means you need to accept that life does not stand still and that things are constantly changing. The STMA will be constantly changing as our industry continues to evolve. Our new strategic plan that we will be working on at the summer board meeting will be our road map for change. Sometimes change is not what we desire, but I encourage each of you to embrace it so you can continue to grow and achieve your goals. If you need anything from the STMA, please do not hesitate to contact headquarters or me. EMBRACING CHANGE Tim Van Loo, CSFM STMA President @cycloneturf "To embrace change means you need to accept that life does not stand still and that things are constantly changing. " President: Tim Van Loo, CSFM Immediate Past President: Jeff Salmond, CSFM President-Elect: Sarah Martin, CSFM Secretary/Treasurer: Jody Gill, CSFM Vice President Commercial: Doug Schattinger Professional Facilities: Weston Appelfeller, CSFM Academic: Beth Guertal, Ph.D. Higher Education: Nick McKenna, CSFM Parks & Recreation: Jimmy Simpson, CSFM Schools K-12: Sun Roesslein, CSFM Commercial: Boyd Montgomery, CSFM, CSE Elected at-Large: Matt Anderson, CSFM Appointed at-Large: Randy Price STMA OFFICE 805 New Hampshire, Suite E Lawrence, KS 66044 Phone: 800-323-3875 Fax: 800-366-0391 Email: STMA Editorial Committee Chairman: Mark Frever, CSFM TJ Brewer, CSFM; Joe Churchill; Jim Cornelius, CSFM; Jeremy Driscoll; Cliff Driver, CSFM; Matt Hollan; Paul Hollis; Chrissy McLarn; Jamie Mehringer; Scott Stevens, CSFM; and Dr. Joey Young, Technical Editor Publisher's Notice: We Assume No Responsibility For The Validity Of Claims In Connection With Items Appearing In Sportsturf. Reader Service Numbers Are Given To Facilitate Further Inquiry. Mention Of A Commercial Product Does Not Imply Endorsement By Sportsturf Or EPG Media & Specialty Information, Or Preference Over Similar Products Not Mentioned. SportsTurf (ISSN 1061-687X) (USPS 000-292) (Reg. U.S. Pat. & T.M. Off.) is published monthly by EPG Media & Specialty Information at 75 Pike Street, Port Jervis, NY 12271. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Sportsturf, PO Box 2123, Skokie, IL 60076-7823. For subscription information and requests, call Subscription Services at (845) 856-2229. Subscription rates: 1 year, $40 US & Poss.; 2 years, $65 US & Poss.; 1 year, $65 Canada/Foreign Surface, 1 year, $130 Airmail. All subscriptions are payable in advance in US funds. Send payments to Sportsturf, PO Box 2123, Skokie, IL 60076-7823. Phone: (847) 763-9565. Fax: (847) 763- 9569. Single copies or back issues, $8 each US/Canada; $12 Foreign. Periodicals postage paid at Port Jervis, NY and additional mailing offices. COPYRIGHT 2017, SportsTurf. Material may not be reproduced or pho- tocopied in any form without the written permission of the publisher.

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