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Page 46 of 51 June 2017 | SportsTurf 47 opportunities have been tremendous. I can reach out to any STMA member at any time to discuss any issue. I have been able to meet and communicate with people outside of my state boundaries/region and have been able to see sports fields across the country. Within the association, I have been able to work on committees that expand and strengthen my profes- sional skillset and also support my genuine passions and interests. For me, right now, I am so glad to be a member of the Environmental committee. It has been exciting to be a part of the development of the STMA Environmental Certification Program. This program will help define STMs as environmen- tal stewards, and provide great credibility and professionalism to the association and profession as a whole. SportsTurf: How has social media impacted your work? Wallace: Social media certainly has allowed sports turf man- agers the ability to refine techniques in field care, improve communication with regard to staffing, field playability/clo- sures, and event scheduling. Personally, I am a bit slow to embrace it, but at times I do see it as a valuable tool, as it provides quick information, maybe sometimes too quick! I also think social media has influenced people's civility towards one another. We all have to navigate respectful ways to deliver positive and negative communications. Social media has indeed improved networking and the ability to communicate among green industry professionals here in the state and beyond state borders. Travel to programs often is a challenge, so people look to social media to help provide technical information. Extension specialists and educators certainly could use it more to promote ourselves and outreach programs. Younger generations certainly think differently about social media. In 4-H programming, social media is used extensively. Kids that have been born into the social media age think and use it differently than most in my generation. For all of the positive attributes of social media, though, there is something valuable about a direct, engaged conversation that often is missed if communicating only via social media. SportsTurf: What are your passions and interests outside of work? Wallace: My interests outside of work are pretty simple. I love to cook, fuss with my plants (both in the house and garden), and go antiquing. In the summer, anytime I can, I enjoy kayaking on Narragansett Bay or walks along the beaches of RI. An occasional round of golf is fun, but it is not the first thing I would choose to do, if I had time available! I love to travel and enjoy spending time with my husband and my (now adult) children. I am in my first year of a 2-year term as President of NESTMA, so that has occupied some of my available time, although I try to handle chapter needs during the week in the evening hours, so my weekends are free. THE INTERVIEW Continued from page 27 Please complete this form in its entirety to receive your subscription. 1 What is your company's primary business? (check ONLY ONE) F q Sports Complex G q Athletic Field and/or Park Architect/Designer T q School, College or University P q Park H q Other (please specify) _________________________________________________ 2 Which of the following best describes your title? (check ONLY ONE) A q EXECUTIVE/ADMINISTRATOR — President, Owner, Partner, Director, General Manager, Chairman of the Board, Purchasing Agent, Athletic Director B q MANAGER/SUPERINTENDENT — Superintendent, Landscape/Ground Maintenance Manager, Foreman, Supervisor C q GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL — Government Commissioner, Agent, Other Government Official D q SPECIALIST — Architect, Designer, Consultant, Agronomist, Horticulturist, Certified Specialist F q COACH E q Other (please specify)_________________________________________________ 3 Do you have the authority to buy, specify or recommend products and/or services for your business or organization? Y q Yes N q No 4 Yearly operating expenditures (excluding salaries) F q Over $1 million C q $50,001 - $100,000 E q $500,001 - $1 million B q $25,001 - $50,000 D q $100,001 - $500,000 A q $25,000 and under 5 Also send a free subscription to the following people at the same location Name _____________________________________Title__________________________ Name _____________________________________Title__________________________ Signature: (required) Date: Name: (please print) Title: Company: Address: City: State: Zip: Phone: Fax: Email: (required) q Yes, please start/continue my q No, thank you. FREE subscription to SportsTurf FOR FASTER SERVICE visit our website at Which version would you like to receive? (choose one) q Print q Print & Digital Mail to: EPG Media/Attn: Circulation 10405 6th Ave N., Suite 210, Minneapolis, MN 55441

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