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Page 24 of 51 June 2017 | SportsTurf 25 It also meant selling our previous home and finding a new one in Iowa, both of which were patience-testing experiences, while waiting for others to make up their minds on if they liked our offers or counter-offers. One thing we did to help sell our house was to offer a small financial incentive to the realtor who sold our house. This greatly increased showings of our house after a slow start. Once things were sold/bought we found out that many forms can be filled out electronically, so you don't even need to make a trip back for closing. We also found having the right realtor can make a world of difference, and they can provide a wealth of information about the new town. Our realtor helped us with where to live, potential taxes, what parts of the town flood, where the town was grow- ing, and what school districts you would be living in. We decided to buy a house be- cause I was familiar with the area, but for many renting is a great option for the few months while they get comfortable with an area. Many realtors can get you out of a lease if you rent from their companies' and buy a home with them when you are ready. Moving can also present several choices, do you move yourself, or hire a moving company. Make sure in negotiations for your job that you at least work in a moving allowance. You can save money on boxes by looking online, or finding someone else who recently moved to get once-used boxes. Also, keep track of costs for moving such as the cost of boxes, packing supplies, the cost of actually moving, and any nights in a hotel while you are moving for poten- tial tax deductions. If a moving company was for you, keep track of boxes that you bought and packed compared to those that the moving company supplied and packed. We would also suggest making a list of all of your bills, financial institutions infor- mation, insurance, memberships and any other mail you may want to keep receiving before you move so that you can easily up- date this information once you have a new address. Some bills will arrive late if you rely on the mail service to forward them to you. This will also help you when it is time for tax season and you need to get those annoying tax forms to complete your taxes. A job change may also require a change in health insurance providers, keep track of when one job's coverage expires and the new one starts so you are covered. The Turface ® Difference Tested, Proven and Trusted If you think all infi eld conditioners are the same, think again. Turface ® conditioners are calcined clay particles that are specially manufactured to maintain safer, more playable fi elds at every level of competition. And it's been that way for more than 50 years. Years Over ONLY 3% DEGRADATION HIGH DURABILITY Turface calcined clay particles provide a highly playable and long-lasting infi eld playing surface. LOW BULK DENSITY COVERS MORE GROUND 74% internal pore space gives you greater volume per 50-pound bag and a much better value. A003-04274 -7 Brand Print Ad TURFACE 74% PORE SPACE MANAGE MOISTURE REDUCE RAINOUTS Turface absorbs its weight in water resulting in fewer rainouts, game delays and cancelled practices. Find out more about Pro League ® and MVP ® conditioners, visit YOUR Home Field Advantage T U R FA C E MOST OTHERS We certainly haven't covered everything that might come up, but hopefully this gives you a starting point of items to think about if you are considering a job change. In addition, hopefully some of these things can help make your move a little less stress- ful. We survived new jobs, a multi-state move, and a baby all in one year. Best of luck to all of you on the growing season, and to anyone considering a change!

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